Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Age: 160 (Level 7)
Species: Marsh/Plains Kaasht
Height: 24'
Length: 23'
Base Colour: Purple
Colour Ability: Water Wave
Species Abilities: Immunity, Speed of the Falcon
Other Abilities: Blinding Wave, Fire, Fireball, Fire Blade, Fire Dragon, Grass Blades, Hare Leap, Hiding Crouch, Howling Wind, Incinerate, Open Ground, Slicing Roar, Sun Flare, Whirlwind, Winds of Fire, Black Miasma, Breathe Freely, Cobra Spray, Eternal Fang, Fatal Toxin, Free Walk, Immortal Talon, Infectious Touch, Marsh Dragon, Pay No Heed, Rising Mist, Scorpio's Pride, Serpent Strike, Skin of the Snake, Snake Fang, Venom Blade, Eagle Eye, Ensnare, Healing Touch, Hyper Sense, Speak, Shell, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Tekniblur, Track, Travel, Telepathy, Ward
Appearance: His looks and size are that of a Plains, but he has a Marsh's muzzle containing the feral sabre fangs, and their unretractable claws. From a distance Dante would look like a bi-colored kaasht, but he isn't. His coat is actually a bright vivd purple. This purple covers for the most the upper part of his body. A rich velvety black covers the lower regions of his body. This black begins at his chin and flows over his checks and down his neck, chest, underbelly, and inside of his legs. The purple on his face covers his muzzle as well and from his eye to his ear the purple forms an almost horizontal line where his black coloring meets it.

This black color also reaches toward his upper body and devours the rich purple there. In these places the purple color is forced into two large jagged like stripes that reach down till their tips reach his underbelly. The same process is evident in his man as there are two large jagged stripes of purple that stretch across the sides of his neck. His ears are purple with two stubbed silver piercing in each ear.

At his shoulder the black runs over the purple to cause the purple to form a tip resembling an upside down "V". The purple completely covers his front legs except his right paw which is black. His back legs are different though as his flanks are black while the purple broadly outlines the back of his thighs to midways before covering his legs again. But his right back leg differs from the left since it is purple all the way down, where his left leg has a black stocking.

His tail is banded by his colors. These bands are quite large. Having three bands of purple and only two of black, purple starting at the base of his tail. The tip of his tail is a different color though... for it is a bright sky blue.

This shade of blue is also the color of his glare stripes. He also two markings on his cheek this color. These markings are like blotched stripes. The one that is closest to his eye is larger than the one that is lower down on his cheek. The blue also contributes to the color of four mildly curved stripes that reside in his mane. These stripes start where his mane begins and they go from smallest to the largest. Going down his neck this blue also makes stripes there that are in the same shape as the ones in his mane but a bit smaller. There are only three of them though and they seem to stretch out a bit on the sides of his neck.

His eyes seem to really set off the rest of his features though. They are a bright green, giving him an almost untamed look into his eyes.
History: Words can't really describe Dante's personality. Most of the time he is usually pretty easy going, but is always alert and prepared for anything. Surprisingly he can be quite humorous, and caring but then again he can be arrogant and sarcastic as well.

Dante was a well cared for kit. His parents did all they could for him and he loved them both, and even loved his half sister, even though her feelings weren't mutual. His mother was a beautiful Iridescent Marsh while his father was a tall, muscular blue Plains. Dante always had a soft spot for his mother though, knowing that she had been through a lot in her life since she was missing one of her sabre teeth. He always looked up to his father though since he was the one who taught him how to fight. His half sister on the other hand was no picnic to live with, always challenging him at everything. She was older than he was by a few years and a full Marsh instead of being a half breed like him. He could always sense that she hated him, but didn't want to mention it to his parents... if it came down to it he was sure that he could handle her himself. Most of kits in his clan looked up to him since he would defend them from his sibling's cruel treatment.

Over the years though Dante continued to learn and harness all his abilities. That was when he encountered a passing Protector and eagerly want to join the organization. He was of proper age and he could sense the great feeling of pride from his parents, and besides he was used to protecting his friends in the past as well. He really enjoyed his training, finding it a way to strengthen everything about him. Being smart and attentive helped him learn all he needed to and he got through the training in no time.

Through the passing years though he actually forgot about his half sister, since she had ran away before he became a Protector. That was until out on patrol in a small city he seen her again... this time she was even more ruthless than he remembered. Before he could fight her though she pulled a kit to her and formed a Venom Blade and held it to its neck. He stayed his ground, but it didn't matter for she sliced the kit's throat then disappeared.

He really hated his half sibling now and was determined to one day put her in her place. Seeing what she did to that kit for nothing fueled the already fire of resentment that he had developed for her over the years.

He was almost completely enraged, and wanted to track her down, but something stopped him. That something was a murin... a silly murin at that, but she managed to lighten his mood and change him back to his some what carefree personality.
Pet: Daminia
Created and Played by Zephyr-Sombra.
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