Name: Denjiiro
Gender: Male
Age: 27 (Level 2)
Species: Sky/Old Mystic/Forest/Cave/Mountain Kaasht
Height: 6'4 1/2"
Length: 5'8"
Base Colour: Blue
Colour Ability: Electric Shock
Species Abilities: Falcon Eyes, Tiger's Eye, Chameleon's Cloak, Cat Eyes, Feet of the Gecko
Other Abilities: Eye's Trick, Ruse, False Tracks, Spirit, Spirit Energy, Spirit Kaasht, Spirit Cannon, Spirit Dragon, Fast Wing, Silent Glide, Call Rain, Thunder Watch, Feather Call, Levitate, Hiding Cloud, Retract Wings, Air Blast, Wing Blades, Air Dragon, Eyes of Truth, Weightless, Concealing Leaves, Tree Speak, Part Branches, Wood Wall, Stun Spore, Monkey Leap, Leaf Blades, Plant Dragon, Ice Breath, Turn on a Dime, Snow Shoe, Shatter, Blend, Avalanche, Rock Dragon, Darkness, Liquid Kaasht, Ghost, Acid Paw, Infared, Cold Kaasht, Acid Dragon, Spirit/Air/Plant/Rock/Acid Dragon (conglomorate form that uses spirit, air, plant, rock and acid attacks, same mass as the normal kaasht form), Razor Claws/Teeth, Healing Touch, Tekniblur, Find Food, Illusion, Mimic, Speak, Hyper Sense, Wind Call, Invisibility, Shape Change, Attention Slip, Reflex, Shield, Combine, Silent Step
History: Denjiiro is the only living child of Vallah-rrho-She'iir. Both mother and son believe each other to be dead, killed by a clan of Plains Kaasht which attacked their family, killing Jiiro's father and two older sisters, and burning their forest home to the ground. Jiiro was only seven years old at the time, a mere toddler of a kit, and would surely have soon died without a family. After about a week on his own, scavenging for food and finding shelter where he could, he encountered a very strange-looking kaasht. The kaasht seemed to be more plant than animal, and was neither male nor female. Denjiiro had stumbled across the Wood Elemental, Xylem. Shi took pity on the cold, dirty and obviously hungry young kit, and decided to raise him hirself. Thus little Jiiro learned of the Elementals, and what Tryne was like millennia ago, before the Time of Madness. He also learned to speak Daishan, the ancient tongue of the Elementals much more fluently than he could speak Kashtian. Because he is a quint-breed, Denjiiro has a lot of abilities. But, being a young and rather forgetful kit, he often gets them mixed up, especially his dragon forms. In fact, he normally uses a hybrid dragon form, one with characteristics of all five of his dragon forms, and often gets stuck in it for long periods of time.

Recently, the other Elementals held a meeting, for they had decided that Xylem could no longer interfere in mortal affairs by continuing to raise Jiiro. Several options were discussed, including simply killing Denjiiro, but eventually it was decided that his knowledge of any "dangerous" information would be wiped from his memory, and he would be sent to Falcon for training as a Protector.
Pet: Dutchi would take offence to being called a "pet" but after Jiiro was taken from Xylem, the murin decided to follow the kit, and help him adjust to his training as a Protector. Unlike most murin, Dutchi will often "speak" to kaasht other than her bond, Denjiiro, often acting as a translator when Jiiro can't remember enough Kashtian.
Created and Played by Shavahi.
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