Name: Dethsdore (Versi)
Gender: Male
Age: 190 (Level 8)
Species: Old Mystic/Sky Kaasht
Height: 21'
Length: 20'
Base Colour: Silver
Colour Ability: Spirit Bomb
Species Abilities: Tiger's Eye, Falcon Eyes
Other Abilities: Ruse, False Tracks, Spirit Energy, Spirit Cannon, Eyes Trick, Spirit, Spirit Kaasht, Spirit Dragon, Mimic, Fast Wing, Bloody Fury, Ensnare, Reflex, Shocking Grasp, Find Food, Whip Tail, Wing Blades, Feather Ball, Spike Tail, Control Wind, Levitate, Ward, Air Blast, Lightning Storm, Silent Glide, Tekniblur, Silent Step, Shape Change, Speak, Track, Combine, Burning Skies, Feath Call, Levin Bolt, Lightning Blade, Slumber, Lighting Call, Travel, Razor Claw, Healing Touch, Shield, Find Home, Invisibility, Telepathy
Appearance: Dethsdore is a very gaunt, very emanciated with his bones showing. He looks like a huge silver Sky Kaasht and has black stripes on his wings and front legs. His tail is very thin, with almost no puff at the end. It is a purple blue color with a green tip. Wings are extremely thin and are red with black tips. Ears have holes. No matter how much he eats, he always stays thin.
History: Dethsdore grew up in a very bad family. Versi, as he was known then, never had a real kithood. His kithood was nothing more than pain, anger, and sometimes insanity.

His father, Gerlis, was an Old Mystic. But he was different than most Old Mystics in the fact that he was cruel. He beat his son regularly, and frequently raped him and his mother Rylla. His twin sister, Vallah-rrho-She'iir, or known as She'iir, was lucky in this and she was almost never beaten. Poor Versi bore the brunt of his fathers abuse. One day his twin left him alone, no longer able to stand watching Versi and her mother be beat day after day. After that he began to slowly go mad. The poor kit wasn't even in his second level.

Then one day he snapped. He lost all sanity as he knew it.

That day his father had been crueler than usual, raping him and his mother multiple times, and at the same time verbally and physically abusing them.

Versi told his father to stop, and his father in a rage flung him against a tree, stunning him while Gerlis came up and once again raped him. Rylla too was angry, and went to protect her son. Being a Sky Kaasht, she didn't want to fight him, but she did want to protect her young.

Gerlis turned on her instead, and began to beat her. He beat her so much that she was physically unable to move and defend herself. It didn't help that Gerlis was strong and bigger than she was.

Finally Gerlis knocked her out and began to rape her even more brutally than he had been beating her.

Versi woke up to this, pain wracking his body. He whimpered softly, and looked over at his father who was grunting with strain.

That was when Versi snapped.

He yelled for his father to stop. Gerlis looked at him, grinned a wicked smile, and let Rylla's inert body drop. He then charged Versi, death in his eyes.

Versi roared, and with strength that not even he knew he had, let loose a Spirit Cannon that totally engulfed both Gerlis and Rylla.

Both died instantly.

After their deaths Versi lost all his sanity, and roamed on his own, killing and building up his strength. At one point he earned the name Dethsdore after killing two Clans that had been fighting each other in a battle.

He wandered about, unusually strong, his insanity growing. Versi, underneath the insanity of Dethsdore, slumbered, not noticing the death and havoc that he was creating.

He fought and killed, sometimes for fun, sometimes to stay alive. Most of the time it was for fun.

Dethsdore grew and became stronger. His body took on a shrunken look, becoming emanciated. Dethsdore ate often, but it can only be figured as a part of his insanity that makes his body stay so thin.

At one point he met his twin, She'iir again. He fought her, and it ended up a stale-mate. Then, for awhile, he even became sane, the horror of what he had done as a kit, and what he was doing now crashing home on him.

Needless to say the sanity didn't last long.

He now wanders, as he once did, as he always will, looking for fights, challenges, and secretly hoping for his own death to come.
Created and Played by Teknikat.
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