Name: Dymito
Gender: Male
Age: 82 (Level 4)
Species: Old Mystic/Sky/Valley/Plateau/Marsh Kaasht (No Marsh or Plateau abilities)
Height: 13'
Length: 12'
Base Colour: Black
Colour Ability: Acid Blade 4
Species Abilities: Tiger's Eye, Falcon Eyes, Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Spirit Blade, Spirit Dragon, Spirit Cannon, Spirit Energy, Cloud Blade, Cloud Dragon, Itch, Spike Body, Feather Ball, Wing Blades, Retract Wings, Lightning Dragon, Lightning Blade, Levin Bolt, Bloody Fury, Element, Travel, Razor Claws, Shocking Grasp, Shield, Shape Change, Telepathy, Slumber, Shell, Speak, Silent Step, Reflex, Link, Illusion, Healing Touch, Ensnare, Control Wind, Spike Tail, Many Kaasht, Spirit Kaasht, Attention Slip, Hyper Sense, Shackle
Appearance: Dymito is a large dead black kaasht with large wings and a muscular yet lithe body. His mane is like that of a Marsh's on the top, while on the bottom his mane hangs about a third of the way down his leg. On both his front legs and on the first part of his wings are silver stripes that encircle both legs and wings. His wing tips are a beautiful blue color, as is the tip of his tail. His eyes are also an extremely beautiful shade of blue. Only the shades of silver and blue disrupt the dead black color of his body.
Created and Played by Teknikat.
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