Name: Eñarrho
Gender: Male
Age: 104 (Level 5)
Species: Forest/Valley Kaasht
Height: 11'
Length: 10'6"
Base Colour: Blue mundane
Colour Ability: Lightning Shock (cannot use)
Species Abilities: Chameleon's Cloak, Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Shape Change, Dragon Claws, Razor Claws, Cloud Blade, Wood Blade, Diamond Blades, Find Food, Leaf Blades, Critter Call, Silent Step, Long Run, Hyper Sense, Track, Detrack, Eyes of Truth, Tangle Roots, Find Food, Tree Paw, Combine, Attention Slip, Part Branches, Mimic, Weightless, Shield, Burning Claws, Tree Speak, Cloud Dragon, Forest Dragon, Pit Fall, Mist Kaasht, Many Kaasht, Itch, Forget, Shocking Grasp, Sky Leap, Fog
Appearance: Eñarrho is a Grey Mundane Halfbreed. He is a steel grey color, with vague stripes of darker and lighter grey along his mane and back, and bands around his tail that start grey at the tail base, and darken to black toward the tip, which is black tipped with white. He has white, okapi-ish stripes on his rump, and a white star on his forehead. The soles of his feet and the back of his legs to the first joint are black, as are a little fringe at his elbows, his tigerish cheek-ruffs, and his ears, which have a small white dot on the back. His glare stripe is rather odd, more like a fox's than a Kaasht's, and do not touch either his orangey-amber eyes or his mouth. He can be territorial and grouchy, though he does not hold grudges. He will often get irritated at the slightest thing, but will laugh off a more serious problem. He is as stubborn as any Mountain Kaasht, and he is very protective. He would give up his life for a friend, but most likely complain the whole time. Often his short temper will get him in trouble with Kaasht of higher levels, or equally short tempers. Sometimes his Valley side manifests itself in his playing rather nasty tricks on other Kaasht. He is just learning of the Protectors, and hopes to join them. But will he be accepted, as a Mundane?
Created and Played by Shavahi.
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