Name: Kaisen
Gender: Male
Age: 60 (Level 3)
Species: Tundra/Valley Kaasht
Height: 3'6"
Length: 4'1"
Base Colour: Purple
Colour Ability: Water Blast
Species Abilities: Illusion's Trick, Flame Body
Other Abilities: Mist Kaasht, Cold Flames, Combine, Curiosity, Deception, Depression, De-Track, Diamond Blade, Find Home, Firm Footing, Frost Dragon, Healing Touch, Hyper Sense, Ice Blade, Ice Wall, Melt, Perceive, Retain Heat, Shape Change, Shell, Silent Step, Silent Step, Sky Jump, Speak, Spike Fall, and Travel
Appearance: Due to his mixed blood, Kaisen shares traits of both Valley and Tundra kaasht; unless you looked closely, though, you would not be able to tell that he has any Valley blood in him at all. There are only a few things that set him apart from a true Tundra; the most evident of them is that most of his dull, silver-tipped violet coat is considerably thinner than a Tundra's would be. It's not quite as thin as a Valley's, but fairly close to it. Kaisen's tail is a bit slimmer than normal, though not quite as thin as his coat, and it poofs out just the slightest bit at the end. The only other trait that sets him apart from normal Tundras are his legs; if measured against the rest of his body, one would find that they are unusually long, but it isn't evident from a distance. Apart from that, the rest of him is pure Tundra. Although the rest of his coat is thin, Kaisen's mane is large, thick, and a dullish silver color that only shines when the sunlight can coax it to: the same type of silver that tips the rest of his fur. He has a glossy black stripe on either side of him, starting at the middle of his back, that branches out toward his front leg and back leg, stopping at the elbow/knee region on each. Two silver stripes, one starting in front of the black stripe, another starting behind it, curve inward and cross the black stripes, then taper to a point. The poofy part of his tail is the same silver that's on the rest of his body, tipped in black at the very point. Kaisen's ears are similar: silver, tipped in black at the points.
History: Kaisen never knew his real parents; when he was a kit of only a year or so old, his mother dumped him in an alley next to an Alcaine tavern, wrapped in paper. He was found there by a kind Beach named Larnet, who took him in to her home. She planned to give him up for adoption when he was a few years or so older, though, because she didn't plan on becoming a mother anytime soon, much less the mother of a depressed, pessimistic Tundra. However, within a few days of Kaisen's recovery, when he had food in his belly and a warm place to sleep, he began winning her over. His eyes were bright, his manner always cheerful and happy, and he loved to play. Suspicious of his heritage - Tundras, to her knowledge, did not act like that - Larnet inspected his features more closely and came to the conclusion that his other side actually came from a Valley kaasht.

Larnet never did give Kaisen away; she and everybody in the area became too attached to him. As Kaisen was and is rather intelligent, he figured out at a young age that Larnet couldn't be his mother and asked lots of questions about his parents. All of his inquiries were answered by Larnet's made-up tales of heroism and valor for both his mother and his father, when in truth she suspected something quite different than all that had brought about his birth. Kaisen was happy with these explanations, though, and went on cheerfully with his life in the Beach sector of Alcaine, making all sorts of friends despite his strange appearance.

When Kaisen was in the middle of his second level, Larnet decided that he was ready for a more realistic view on how he entered the world. Her theory, which she explained to him as gently as she could, was that his mother (a Valley) was most likely working as a prostitute when his father (a Tundra,) depressed and wanting a little fun, impregnated her, after which the Valley abandoned her child. It didn't go as well as Larnet had planned: Kaisen was shocked by this terrible story and also hurt that Larnet had never told him this before. Finding no home with his adopted mother, whom he had been so close to before, Kaisen ran away from Alcaine, injured and depressed. His Tundra side completely enveloped his personality, and he spent years away from home barely eating or sleeping, brooding and sulking in the mountains and caves.

Near the end of his second level, Kaisen's Valley side came back out and swiftly chased away his depression. He thought things over more clearly, decided that his past really didn't matter all that much, and that Larnet had meant the best. So to the joy of his mother, he went back to Alcaine and got his own small place in the Beach sector, where he lives today. Quite essentially, Kaisen is a Valley stuck in a Tundra's body. While his body may be near-entirely the same as a Tundra's, he makes up for that completely with his personality. He loves to play harmless pranks on kaasht, joke, and everything else that Valleys like to do so much. However, during his stay away from home, his Tundra side leaked into his everyday personality a bit, giving him a bit of a sarcastic edge to his normally cheerful self. He tries not to let it show, though, knowing that it spoils fun sometimes. Kaisen has no idea what the Protectors are and really doesn't care, but if they ever noticed his Valley features and recruited him, Kaisen probably wouldn't mind too much, being as easygoing as he is.
Created and Played by Shaen.
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