Name: Krevliiarn
Gender: Male
Age: 186 (Level 8)
Species: Old Mystic/Marsh/Lunar Kaasht
Height: 24'4"
Length: 23'6"
Base Colour: Silver
Colour Ability: Spirit Bomb
Species Abilities: Tiger's Eye, Immunity, Anti-Gravity
Other Abilities: Element, Ensnare, Healing touch, Hypersense, Illusion, Link, Mimic, Recognize, Shackle, Shield, Shell, Shocking Grasp, Silent Step, Slumber, Speak, Telepathy, Track, Travel, Ward, Wind Call (All-kaasht), Black Miasma, Cobra Spray, Eternal Fang, Immortal Talon, Infectious Touch, Natural Fang, Rising Mist, Serpent Strike, Sinkhole, Snake Fang (Marsh), Spirit Blade, Spirit Dragon, Spirit Energy, Spirit Kaasht, Spirit Wings (Old Mystic), Lunacy, Lunar Dragon, Transfigure (Lunar), Extend Time, Phase, Phobia (Isle), Lie With Ease (Plains), Drain (Plateau)
Appearance: Krevliiarn is an unusual-looking kaasht. His slightly greasy coat has the gleam of true silver, but so dark that it appears black. His forefeet have barely defined toes, and his hindfeet have non-retractile claws and slight tufts like a Lunar's. Though his body and limbs are as long and lanky as any Plateau or Mystic, strong wiry Marsh muscles ripple beneath his fur. His saber-fanged muzzle is oddly long, even for an Old Mystic, and his ears are also long and thin. His mane is his most distinctive feature. A silver-black mane like an Old Mystic's hangs from under his neck and chest. But running from the back of his head down his neck to his shoulders is a slivery white mane like a Marsh's. Due to his Old Mystic blood it does not stand upright, it instead hangs down over his face and neck, stringy with Marsh greasiness. Thin silver-white stripes run over the backs of his thighs and calves. His silvery-black tail is long and tapering, with fur hanging a bit on the underside, and has only a slight tuft at the tip. Three thin red stripes like claw slashes run down his cheeks under his emerald green eyes.
History: For much of his early life Krevliiarn was raised in a Pack by his Marsh mother. His Pack was unusually tolerant, for they did not kill him at birth for being a hybrid not of Isle, Beach or Plains heritage. Though the pack spared his life, his kithood was not easy. From the start he was disliked, and the other kits were quick to gang up on him. But Krevliiarn was a strong kit, and it wasn't long before he was able to beat any of his fellows. He even managed to gain a grudging respect from the other kits, and from a few of the older kaasht. But in his mid second level a silver Marsh kaasht approached him. At first Krevliiarn only wished to bring the rest of the Pack to chase off the outsider, but the silver told him of a place where he would learn new ways to use his abilities, and that as a silver Krevliiarn was special. Thrilled with the chance to become more powerful he went with the Gaidei to be trained as a New Mystic.

While his teachers stressed responsible use of power, Krevliiarn held to his upbringing in the Pack, that might was right. After being harshly disciplined for bullying, he quickly learned that it was better to conceal his views, and act the good pupil. During his time in the clan he learned a few abilities from the other New Mystics. Lie with Ease from a Plains, to help conceal impure intentions. Phase, Phobia and Extend Time from an Isle, to help in surreptitiously tormenting his fellow kits. And from a Plateau, his favorite learned ability, Drain, to take from others the power he craved. At the age of 83, Krevliiarn completed his training and left the clan.

After some time he made his way to the city of Taathaneev. At first he stayed in the outskirts, stealing a few teeth here, a few claws there. Sometimes his victims would fight back, but few were a match for him, and it was then that Krevliiarn learned to love the kill. Soon he wasn't just killing for teeth or claws anymore, but for the thrill. It wasn't long before it became known to prominent figures in the underworld of Taathaneev that a white and silvery-black kaaerd was becoming one of the most ruthless killers the city had seen in years. In the later part of his fourth level Krevliiarn was approached by a wealthy merchant who wanted to have a rival eliminated, and would pay handsomely for it. Krevliiarn accepted, and began his career as an assassin.

Over the years he gained a reputation as a killer who never missed his mark. He amassed a great deal of wealth, and now in his eighth level he resides in one of the many mansions of Taathaneev. Krevliiarn could easily live off of his blood money with his slaves tending to his every whim for the rest of his life. Even so, he still takes contracts, partly to aggravate the local division of the Cohort's Killers, with whom he is in direct competition, and partly to satiate his bloodthirst.
Created and Played by Shavahi.
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