Name: Latigo
Gender: Female
Age: 130 (Level 6)
Species: Tundra/Cave Kaasht
Height: 6'
Length: 5.5'
Base Colour: Gold
Colour Abilities: Lend Strength, Correction, Antidote, Knit Flesh, Be Well, Feel Better
Species Abilities: Cat Eyes, Flame Body
Other Abilities: Frost Dragon, Create, Ice Kaasht, Ice Wall, Magnify, Melt, Reflect, Retain Heat, Unstable Ground, Firm Footing, Acid Dragon, Bat Hearing, Cold Kaasht, Darkness , Death Grip, Infrared, gouging claws, Pinpoint, Acid Shower, Liquid Kaasht, Dream, Find Food, Find Home, Illusion, Link, Speak, Shield, Shell, Tekniblur, Telepathy, Invisibility, Silent Step
Appearance: At first glance nothing more then a cave. As one gets closer the differences become more apparent. She is taller then a cave and much fluffier. Thick poofy tail, small ears, large glare stripe, thick fluffy fur; all of these things give leading hints toward the tundra side of this halfbreed. Fur is a fairly light catching gold in color, broken with dark purple and mint green rosettes, much like those of a jaguar. Eyes are a friendly shade of dark aqua. Ears bear two thin stripes of the same purple color as her rosettes and her glare stripe is the same minty color as the inside of the rosettes.
History: The offspring of an adventurous and determined Cave kaaerd and an happier then normal Tundra Kaalaa. Her father was a Cave who was not content simply to sit in the caves with his clan and hope that something interesting to learn might come along. He sought adventure and excitement and wanted nothing more then to go out in the world and meet people to learn about things and explore. He started to train himself to tolerate more and more light and eventually late in his fourth level he ventured out into Tryne, with his companion a trusty fleepip and a strong will. He wandered all about ‘till he came to be in the territory of a clan of Tundra Kaasht. Cold and lost and not entirely sure he'd live to see or learn anything more before he became a kaashtsicle he was found by a few members of the clan and rescued. They nursed him back to health and dealt with the onslaught of questions from the cave. The Tundras were tolerant of all the little Cave's questions and eventually became rather fond of him. He decided to stay with the clan and learn all he could about this remote part of Tryne. Eventually he met and fell in love with a downright cheerful Tundra Kaalaa and they decided to go off and explore Tryne together.

Eventually they both ended up near to Alcaine and settled happily in the big city. They were blessed with Latigo later on in life but were happy and they raised her to respect and care for both parts of her heritage. Latigo unfortunately knows little of her mother as she died early on in Latigo's life, however her father raised her with the help of many other of the Kaasht of Alcaine who worried about the poor thing growing up without a mother. Latigo grew up with a love of learning and a care for all living things. She embraced her gold color and all that came with it joyfully and spent many hours of her kithood working in hospitals and learning the tools of the trade. At a point early in her third level she was approached by a member of the Protectors and had some of the basics of knowledge offered to her along with an invitation to join them. She was shocked by it all and politely declined, telling them however that if any Protectors she came across were in need of healing she would offer her abilities to them, but she would never fight. Eventually she found Alcaine to be too stifling and set off to explore Tryne herself. She is a very friendly and inquisitive kaasht thanks to her Cave half and shows no real personality traits from the tundra part of her ancestry. She is very much a pacifist and has vowed never to bestow harm upon a Kaasht on purpose. Because of this she does her best to avoid learning any abilities that may hurt others. She does know one, but when threatened will use one of her many other abilities to run away, or shift into one of the two dragon forms as sort of a scare tactic. At the moment she is wandering idly on Weskain with her Pibbit Daisy.
Pet: Daisy the Lop Eared Pibbit
Created and Played by Nadia.
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