Name: Perrig
Gender: Male
Age: 91 (Level 4)
Species: Beach/Isle Kaasht (3/4 Beach, 1/4 Isle)
Height: 7'10"
Length: 7'6"
Base Colour: White mundane
Colour Ability: N/A
Species Ability: Fish Breath, Mirror Pelage
Other Abilities: Water Eyes, Floating Feet, Liquid Kaasht, Call Fish, Sink, Extend Time, Werelight, Speak, Travel, Find Food
Appearance: Perrig, being only 1/4 Isle, really looks like little more than an undersized Beach with bigger ears and a slightly warped glarestripe that extends forwards a little more than it should. Few tend to care about that- perhaps it's the fact that he's a mundane, or that he just keeps out of everyone's way and doesn't even act anything like an Isle.

Perrig is a thin kaasht, though not unhealthily so, with a slightly creamy off-white coat. His mane and tailtip are a pale blonde colour, with his slightly oversized ears being tipped in the same shade. Apart from that, the only other colour on his body is the deep chocolate brown that forms his glare stripes and the stripes on his side. He has three on each thigh, forming a series of elongated Vs one on top of the other, the lower two of which stretch over his sides too. His eyes are a dull green.

He tends to be a relatively unexpressive kaasht most of the time. You can tell if he's happy, sad, or annoyed, but that's about it. Others tend to assume this is due to some form of depression, though Perrig is perfectly happy as he is. He's just not a very public kaasht.
History: Perrig's history is relatively unremarkable. It might be expected for a mixed breed mundane to have a more exciting/tragic/whathaveyou type of life, but he seems to have avoided all that.

He comes from Alcaine, where such mixes aren't even unusual, though nobody seems to even notice he's part Isle most of the time. Occasionally people have asked him what the rest of him is, but to most he's just a runty Beach mundane, not like he cares. Perrig always knew that he was different, and that he wasn't any good with magic, but even that didn't matter to him. He didn't grow up around many Isles, just indifferent Beaches, and so he became indifferent himself. Perrig is perhaps one of the more lucky mundanes because of that.

He's a more practical kaasht than many. Instead of working to improve his abilities, (which either work badly, refuse to work at all, or have unpredictable effects) he prefers to concentrate on what he is physically capable of. He finds minena especially interesting - the only ability he ever wishes he could have is Shape Change, so that he could give himself their paws. He often appears to be a very shy and withdrawn kaasht, to the point where people either ask if he's depressed or attempt to reassure him that it's okay to be mundane, or other such things. Perrig, though, is simply quiet and withdrawn by nature. He claims that if he were coloured, then that wouldn't change at all. Isn't that what Beaches are meant to be like? He's also a vegetarian, a strange thing among kaasht. It's not that he has issues with meat, just that he dislikes the taste and would much prefer some nice vegetables instead. Those who, for some reason or other, find him cooking for them, often end up somewhat confused.

He still lives in Alcaine, though luckily in an area that saw less damage, but he's considering moving elsewhere. He likes the city, but the recent destruction has left him a little unsettled. He isn't particuarly scared, but he has trouble adjusting to the reactions of everyone else around him, as he doesn't really know how to deal with anyone who's scared and upset, which tends to be the general mentality of everyone else around him. Perhaps somewhere else, then...
Created and Played by Aeireono.
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