Name: Raashona
Gender: Female
Age: 82 (Level 4)
Species: Old Mystic/Sky/Valley/Marsh/Plateau Kaasht
Height: 6'8"
Length: 7'1"
Base Colour: White mundane
Colour Ability: Cloud 4 (Cannot use)
Species Ability: Immunity, Wings of the Sky, Illusion's Trick, Tiger's Eye, Falcon Eyes
Other Abilities: Combine, Dream, Eyes of the Past, Illusion, Link, Perceive, Speak, Shell, Shield, Spirit Call, Freewalk, Immortal Talon, Rising Mist, Venom Blade, Light Dragon, Polymorph, Shadow Blade, Shadow Dragon, Sickle, Transform, Cloud Dragon, Critter Call, Deception, Detrack, Long Run, Ruse, Spirit, Spirit Dragon, Call Rain, Control Wind, Feather Call, Levitate, Lightning Blade, Lightning Dragon, Spike Tail
Appearance: Somehow, Dethdore's youngest kit ended up with rather scrambled genes. Raashona looks like nothing more complicated than a Plateau-Sky halfbreed with a bad case of overgrown claws and a very fluffy tail, though all five breeds of her parentage show up in her abilities-- which are vastly depleted because she is a mundane, as well. Most odd about her, however, is that instead of the spots most females have in their coats, Raashona ended up with stripes. Though her form is definately feminine, no mane, with long fur tufts on her ears, and a full, fluffy tail ringed in black and gray, her coat is patterned with black and gray tabby stripes on a brown undertone. Her underside and long legs are a brilliant white in contrast, though the back of each leg is darkened by more of the tabby striping. White covers the bottom half of her face and his tear lines are a bold black in comparison; her nose is covered almost entirely by a brown spot that marrs her muzzle. Her large eyes are a light green and her grey-brown ears tall and wide. The tabby patterning extends over her wings, which are mostly furry rather than feathered, excluding the larger secondaries and primaries. The stablizing feathers themselves are striped with white, brown, and grey.
History: The youngest of a litter of five, a spectacularly large number of kits, and also the smallest, Raashona spent most of her kithood feeling rather like an afterthought. She never met her father, she was easily forgotten amidst her larger and more vocal siblings, and, worst of all, she was a mundane, with far fewer abilities than a kaasht with five breeds should have, even far fewer than her siblings with three full breeds' worth of abilities. Add to that teasing received for her very strange coloring-- stripes instead of spots-- and she learned quickly to keep out of the way of bigger and louder kaasht. This is not to say that she will refuse to stick up for herself; actuality is quite the opposite. She is simply shy and, though quiet, has plenty of opinions if you can get her talking.

Growing up, Raashona tended to spend more time with her brother Cion than her other siblings or than with other kits her age. Cion was quiet, as well, and not as rough as other kits in his play. He seemed to welcome the attention, and she welcomed a leader, of sorts, to latch on to. To this day, wherever Cion goes, one is likely to find Raashona not far behind, even if he has made an effort to loose her. She also dearly loved her mother, and still misses her even though she has been dead for several years. She is very loyal to her other siblings, though she doesn't spend nearly as much time with them as she does with Cion.

When all four of her other siblings joined the Protectors, following in their tribreed mother's pawsteps, Raashona held back. She was afraid of what the Protectors might say about a kit who was not only unnaturally striped, but mundane, as well. Still, she has a high level of respect for the organization, and often tags along with her siblings on missions to help out or just watch in hiding. Usually that sibling will be Cion, but occasionally she will trail one of her other littermates, as well.
Created and Played by Cacopheny.
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