Name: Raidea
Gender: Male
Age: 82 (Level 4)
Species: Old Mystic/Sky/Valley/Marsh/Plateau Kaasht (no Sky or Valley abilities or physical traits)
Height: 8'
Length: 7'
Base Colour: White
Colour Ability: Cloud 4
Species Ability: Immunity, Wings of the Sky, Tiger's Eye
Other Abilities: Ensnare, Illusion, Shell, Shield, Mimic, Shape Change, Ward, Speak, Invisibility, Silent Step, Telepathy, Eyes Trick, False Tracks, Ruse, Spirit, Spirit Blade, Spirit Cannon, Spirit Dragon, Spirit Energy, Spirit Kaasht, Spirit Wings, Venom Blade, Remedy Touch, Swamp Kaasht, Breathe Freely, Freewalk, Marsh Dragon, Eternal Fang, Immortal Talon, Serpent Strike, Snakefang, Rising Mist, Light Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Drain, Sickle, Polymorph, Shadow Blade, Disintigrate, Shrink, Transform, Diamond Body, Kangaroo Leap
Appearance: Raidea is quite the odd looking kaasht. His main base colour is a gleaming white, which covers a frame that is heavier than a Mystic or a Plateau, but doesn't have nearly as much muscle as the average Marsh. His oddest feature is his mane. It's a dark blonde in colour, and appears to be mostly Marsh-like, but instead of simply sticking up, it falls to each side and makes him look like he has wavy hair. Whether or not it's natural, a combination of Marsh and Mystic genes, or whether its styled in some way is not clear. He also has a slight mane around his throat, the same white as the rest of him, but this is little more than an area of scruffy fur and is not very noticable. His ears are larger than a Marsh's, and he has the long muzzle of a Plateau, decorated with black glare stripes. His fangs are a little longer than normal, and stick out of his mouth a tiny bit, but they are nothing like a true Marsh's sabres. His front paws bear dewclaws, and all four paws have a semblence of toes and retractable claws. He has the tail of a Mystic, with the hanging fur, and the tuft of his tail is the same dark blonde as his mane, with a black band before it. His stripes are quite bold againt his white coat, a jet black with metallic yellow-gold centres. They climb up his hindlegs in curving, bladelike shapes. Another stripe runs around each side to his shoulders, where it splits in two - one end running down each foreleg, and the other marking the side of his neck. His eyes are the same yellow-gold as his stripe centres.
History: Raidea was never an ordinary kaasht - the fact that he was one of five siblings, an exceptionally large number for kaasht, was only the beginning of it. His mother, Kano'ae, was a tribreed Protector, an unusual mix of Marsh, Valley and Plateau, while his father was the famed Sky/Mystic halfbreed, Versi - or Dethsdore.

Raidea and his brothers and sisters grew up with the knowledge of the Protectors, and Raidea was eager to join them as soon as he was old enough. Training for the Protectors also gave the young kaasht some focus to relieve the frustration brought onto him by having much an odd mix of breeds in his ancestry. Put simply, Raidea's personality can be quite varied depending on what is going on around him, how he feels, and plain simple chance. This is not to say he has multiple personalities, but it's often hard to tell whether he'll smile or snarl.

His personality is obviously most influenced by the more prominant breeds in his bloodline - Marsh, Plateau and Old Mystic. His Marsh blood lends him a love of battle, his Plateau blood makes him curious and eager to learn new things, and his Mystic blood gives him a sense of pride in being a Protector... and perhaps a little too much ambition sometimes. His other two breeds, Sky and Valley, are less commonly displayed. They do not influence his looks or abilities at all, making him technically a tribreed, but they do occasionally crop up in his personality. The Valley side of him will sometimes break up his usual quiet and seemingly grim personality, enough to make him not a 100% serious kaasht. Finally, his Sky side gives him an odd poetic streak, seemingly out of place in a kaasht like him. This is the side of himself he keeps hidden the most. He does keep a diary, filled with odd snatches of writing or poetry besides accounts of his days, but he keeps it a secret.

Raidea usually comes off as a fairly quiet, serious minded and none too emotional kaasht, dedicated to his cause, though those who have known him for a while eventually get to see the rest of his sides. He rarely shows any extreme emotion, almost never laughing and usually only showing approval with a small smile. However, he is very often torn between his various sides, although they haven't cause him too much of a disadvantage... at least not yet... Currently, his training is finally over, and he is eager to throw himself into his first mission along with his brothers and sisters and prove himself as a true Protector.
Created and Played by Aeireono.
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