Name: Rail
Gender: Male
Age: 65 (Level 3)
Species: Isle/Plains Kaasht
Height: 5'
Length: 5'
Base Colour: Red
Colour Ability: Rain of Fire
Species Abilities: Speed of the Falcon, Mirror Pelage
Other Abilities: Detect Water, Fireball, God Voice, Howling Wind, Lie With Ease, Slicing Roar, Sun Flare, Berserker, Bone Blade, Dive with Ease, Flesh Golem, Long Breath, Phase, Phobia, Werelight, Attention Slip, Eagle Eye, Find Home, Hyper Sense, Illusion, Link, Perceive, Razor Claw, Sense, Shackle, Track, Ward, Wind Call
Appearance: Rail doesn't really look more like one or the other of the two breeds in him-- he's too big and lanky to look like an Isle, and far too small and long-bodied to be a Plains. His tail is more flat, but Plains-like in shape (complete with big fluff-ball at the end). His paws look as if they couldn't decide whether to have toes or not-- the front ones are a bit more defined, the rear ones not. The only real common feature between the two species-- large ears-- is there, though. He pretty much walks the middle ground between the two. If you pressed him to decide, he'd probably say he'd rather look more like one or the other. Better chance of passing off as that, then. Even his markings aren't all that definite... odd stripy patterns on his face, back, and tail that could almost pass as Isle tattoos, too... ah, well. He'll sometimes wear an earring or piece of cloth or two in his headfur if he's in a more Isle-ish mood, but other times he'll get sick of them and ditch them.
History: Isle/Plains isn't the most probably of mixes, to say the least... and in Rail's case, it wasn't an intentional one. The area one way was full of Plains, none of which really got along... and Isles to the other side, with a group of very experience Beach diplomats in between. The two species usually kept their fighting and arguing to their own kind, but not always...

All Rail really knows is that his mother was probably a Plains, since the other way around wouldn't really work... she apparently left him off to die somewhere near Beach territory, probably torn between Plains-y tradition (which would, of course, say to kill him straight out) and the whole mothering instinct thing. What happened to her, he doesn't know... presumably she'd cover it up as being a fully Plains kit that was killed. For all he knows, she could be dead herself. But he was found by a more sensitive Beach, who was horrified at the idea of a poor little kit being all alooooone, and dragged him back home, where a bunch of the things found him to be all cute and fluffy and adorable and of course they had to keep him... at least that's what he's told.

He doesn't worry about it much, though-- he has no memory of his original parents, only of groups of Beaches that served as family. They knew some about Plains and Isle traditions from having worked with them, and tried to at least teach him about them... of course, much of what the sides said contradicted each other-- very confusing. And then there was the fact that neither side tolerated him-- most Isles would see his size and hate him, and Plains the same once they saw the claws and the tail and that he wasn't just a scrawny thing half his age. He met a few Plains kits over the years growing up that would play with him, not caring how he looked so long as they had someone to wrestle with, but their parents would inevitably throw fits, and he learned to keep his distance, lest he mess up negotiations or worse, get his head bitten off.

Most of his playmates were thus Beaches, like Eikou, who also had such an interesting shiny murin... odd floaty things, those. Beach kits seemed to find the reactions between fire and water rather amusing, as well as his more 'creepy' abilities like Flesh Golem or Phase. While Rail did feel like a bit of an outsider, he didn't and doesn't dwell on it in that sense... to him, it's more of a "What am I going to do with my life?" sort of question. He'd make a good diplomat if it weren't for the fact that both Plains and Isles hate him-- he's got a way with words and is pretty clever. But since that's out of the picture... then what? He could go to a city or something... one like Alcaine, where there's all sorts of kaasht, maybe... and he's heard of the Protectors in passing. But he's not sure about really fighting-- abilities like Berserker make him a bit nervous, and all that training... not to mention leaving behind his adopted family.

Well, there's nothing else to do but make it up as he goes along, he supposes... and be very confused in the meantime. Sigh...
Created and Played by Tilly.
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