Name: Serdevithe
Gender: Female
Age: 82 (Level 4)
Species: Plateau/Old Mystic/Marsh (with physical characteristics, but no abilities, of Valley and Sky)
Height: 8'8"
Length: 7'8"
Base Colour: Red
Colour Ability: Fire's Fury
Species Abilities: Tiger's Eye, Immunity, Wings of the Sky
Other Abilities: Spirit Blade, Spirit Cannon, Spirit Dragon, Spirit Energy, Disintegrate, Drain, Freeze, Idiot, Multiply, Polymorph, Shadow Blade, Rock, Shadow Dragon, Sickle, Transform, Black Miasma, Breathe Freely, Freewalk, Immortal Talon, Infectious Touch, Marsh Dragon, Remedy Touch, Serpent Strike, Sinkhole, Scorpio's Pride, Swamp Kaasht, Venom Blade, Healing Touch, Shape Change, Shell, Shield, Ward, Telepathy, Bloody Fury, Hyper Sense, Element, Link, Shackle
History: Serdevithe is heavily muscled under her deep red, slightly greasy pelt, her body taking after her mother's Marsh blood. Her feet have a Mystic's barely defined toes, and the claws of both Marsh and Plateau, though she lacks a Marsh's saber fangs. Her tail is full and fluffy like a Valley kaasht's and is banded purple, sea green and black, with a silver tip. A row of black spots run down her front legs, and silver ones run from her forehead down her back just past the base of her tail. Her purple ears are Sky-like in size and like a Marsh's bear no tassels. Her muzzle is dainty compared with the rest of her body, and elongated like a Mystic's or a Plateau's. Her glare stripes are black, and her eyes are sea green. When invoked, her Wings of the Sky are deep, almost black purple, with silver where primary feathers would be on a Sky's wing.
Created and Played by Shavahi.
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