Name: Shape
Gender: Male
Age: 116 (Level 5)
Species: Lunar/Valley Kaasht
Height: 12'
Length: 11'
Base Colour: Blue
Colour Ability: Lightning Shock
Species Abilities: Anti-Gravity, Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Attention Slip, Ensnare, Healing Touch, Illusion, Invisibility, Link, Mimic, Perceive, Sense, Shell, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Silent Step, Slumber, Telepathy, Track, Travel (all-kaasht), Lunacy, Lunar Dragon, Moon Beam, Moon Blade, Transfigure (Lunar), Cloud Blade, Cloud Dragon, Deception, De-track, Diamond Blade, Fog, Long Run, Spike Body (Valley), Extend Time (Isle), Infrared (Cave), Depression (Tundra)
Appearance: Shape's well-trained body is covered in a shorthaired blue coat, which fades to a clean white at his paws, and the middle of the tail. His leg tufts, which, along with his large ears clearly states that he is a half breed, also turn lighter as they come closer to the feet.

It is said that the eyes are the soul's mirror, and that might very well be true in Shape's case. His pale ice blue eyes seem to scan every creature he meets, to determine what danger it might bring... This kaasht never leaves work. A glare stripe the same blue as his darkest area at his back adds to his serious expression. It is clear that he is not a kaasht you will get to laugh easily, although he has the blood of Valleys running in his veins.

Although Shape isn't particularly found of pain, he is a regular customer at a skilled minena, where he has currently earned himself 26 silver piercings. 2 over his left eye, 1 over the right, 10 in the right ear, 13 in the left, Along with the piercings he wears two simple silver rings at each forepaw, which, together with the piercings, can be removed with the help of minena paws.

The piercings are not the only thing that looks as though it is painful. Shape wears wrapping around his hind legs ankles and down to the paws, bloody and unclean as he rarely has time to change it. What has caused this use of bandages is again not known, but it might be related to the fact that he lives his life dangerously...
Created and Played by Topios.
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