Name: Vallah-rrho-She'iir
Gender: Female
Age: 190 (Level 8)
Species: Old Mystic/Sky Kaasht
Height: 20'
Length: 19'
Base Colour: Black
Colour Ability: Acid Body
Species Abilities: Tiger's Eye, Falcon Eyes
Other Abilities: Shocking Grasp, Sense, Silent Step, Invisibility, Ensnare, Illusion, Find Food, Slumber, Speak, Dream, Telepathy, Link, Bloody Fury, Reflex, Shape Change, Wind Call, Razor Claws/Teeth, Shackle, Eagle Eye, Attention Slip, Wing Blades, Whip Tail, Spike Tail, Lightning Blade, Silent Glide, Fast Wing, Lightning Call, Lightning Storm, Retract Wings, Levitate, Ruse, Spirit, Spirit Kaasht, Spirit Energy, Spirit Cannon, Spirit Dragon.
Appearance: Her fur is silken violet-black laced with thin, irregular white-gold rings. Each marking resembles a miniature solar eclipse, the bright coronas twisting and fading into the darkness of day-made-night. A thin border of the shimmering color marks her glare-stripe, and the backs of her slender, elongated ears are adorned with a single spot of it. Her irises gleam the same white-gold. Tiny speckles cover her dark tail and wings, like stars in the midnight sky, and the very tips of each primary feather and her tail are dipped in shining white-gold. She is slender, lithe... but not gaunt. Her every breath, every movement screams of effortless control. Of immense power held tightly in check. The fraternal twin sister of Dethsdore, she is a cold, cunning Kaasht. Not quite insane like her brother, who took the brunt of their father's beatings, but merciless and cruel. She despises arrogant Kaasht, and Plains Kaasht in general. She has an odd sense of honor, and her one soft spot is kits, whom not only will she not kill, but she will defend at every oportunity. This stems from the murder of her mate and three kits by a Plains Kaasht, years ago.
Created and Played by Shavahi.
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