Name: Singer
Gender: Male
Age: 87 (Level 4)
Species: Old Mystic/Desert Kaasht
Height: 11'1"
Length: 10'3"
Base Colour: White
Colour Ability: Cloud 4
Species Abilities: Tiger's Eye, Camel Feet
Other Abilities: Razor Claw, Healing Touch, Tekniblur, Shield, Ensnare, Silent Kaasht, Find Home, Reflex, Speak, Illusion, Ward, Attention Slip, Shackle, Spirit Call, Hypersense, Travel, Eagle Eye, Link, Find Food, Track, Ruse, False Tracks, Spirit Energy, Spirit Cannon, Spirit, Spirit Wings, Lashing Sand, Howling Voice, Leaping Run, Snake Crawl, Sand Kaasht, Dance with Spirits
Appearance: Singer is a startling contrast of light and dark. The base color for his coat is white but it is marked with bold, swirling stripes of black and gray. His mane is a deep, rich violet, extending a short ways down his back, his paws, bold tearstripes, and half his tail are colored the same. His eyes are a stormy blue-gray and his ears, huge and wide like the ears of a Desert kaasht, are tipped in purple.
History: Singer, though the son of an Old Mystic mother and a New Mystic father, is not wholly either. He doesn't carry the usual silver fur for a Mystic, being white in both coat and ability, though his other abilities are powerful enough to rival an Old Mystic. Singer left the seclusion of his parent's hidden home because he prefered to be social rather than isolated, finding the world more interesting than a cave high up in the mountains.

In his mountain wanderings, Singer came upon a pair of Protectors who immediately knew him for a half-breed. Intrigued by their explanations of their duty, he willingly let them begin his training and, when they could tell him and show him no more, left him at a base for further education. He "graduated", per se, surprisingly quickly due to the strength of his Old Mystic half, his late age at coming, and great prowess at avoiding being hit rather than attacking full-on, himself, and is now ready to start out on his own for the first time.
Created and Played by Cacopheny.
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