Name: Solaire
Gender: Female
Age: 175 (Level 8)
Species: Lunar/Sky Kaasht
Height: 20'
Length: 19'
Base Colour: Yellow
Colour Ability: Solar Flare
Species Abilities: Anti-Gravity, Falcon Eyes
Other Abilities: Shackle, Dream, Ensnare, Eyes of the Past, Healing Touch, Hyper Sense, Illusion, Razor Claw, Speak, Shocking Grasp, Tekniblur, Telepathy, Travel, Walk the Spyral, Ward, Shell, Shield, Silent Step, Find Home, Find Food, Invisibilty, Slumber (all-kaasht), Foretell, Lunacay, Lunar Dragon, Moon Beam, Moon Blade, Transfigure (Lunar), Air Blast, Control Wind, Fast Wing, Feather Ball, Feather Call, Hiding Cloud, Lightning Dragon, Levin Bolt, Levitate, Lightning Call, Retract Wings, Silent Glide, Thunder Watch, Wing Blades, Spike Tail (Sky), Eyes of Truth (Forest), Phase (Isle), Mind Invasion, Drain (Plateau), Slicing Roar (Plains)
Appearance: Solaire is a lithe kaasht and very agile, especially in flying. Her fur is very well kept and gleams brightly. She carries a lot of her mother's Lunar blood by the way she looks as far as her body and looks but she has the wings from her father. Her main color is a bright yellow, that seems to shine like the sun. Across her shoulders and on her flanks are vivid purple broad outline tattoos in the shape of a blazing sun. The suns have 8 streaks each, the inside inside of the tattoos are yellow. Her glare stripe, ear tufts and the mane on her legs are the same purple as her tattoos. The mane going down her back starts out the same purple as well, but midways down her tail it turns to a bright sky and remains that color until halfway to the end of her tail before turning back into the same purple.

This bright sky blue is also the color of the medium sized spots that decorate a few areas of her coat. These spots start out with the three cresent moon shaped spots that decorate around her eyes. One being on the side of her eyes, while one is above and one under them. A few inches away from the spot on the side of her eyes a single trail of spots go down the sides of her neck, but end at her shoulder. At the tip of her shoulder and going down the front of her legs another single strand of spots go down to midways the length of her legs. Her thighs are also decorated bay a strand of single spots that travel from around her tattoo to trail down the back of her leg but stops a few inches before reaching her ankles.

Her wings are well taken care of as well. The primary feathers are the vivid purple again while the secondary feathers are the sky blue. The rest of the wing is the bright yellow. The secondary feathers are each decorated by small golden crescent moon shapes. Solaire's eyes are unique in the fact that they contain the same colors of the sky at sunset, it is almost like seeing a sunset in her eyes. In each of her ears near the tips are 2 cuffed golden earrings and one hoop.
History: Solaire can be a very mysterious kaasht at first, but once she gets to know others she can be a very friendly individual. She is intelligent, fun loving, caring, and maybe sometimes a tad sarcastic.

Before Solaire was born, she was fortold to be special. Her grandmother was the one that prodicted this. Her grandmother's name was Chione and she was the Oracle of her clan. She had told her daughter, Azria'lah that she would have a halfbreed kit on a night when all the moons shown fully in the night sky. Azria'lah at first thought that her mother was wrong and didn't believe her, but sure enough while she was traveling she came across a charming kaaerd Sky kaasht and they hit it off. Not long after that, as her mother had so predicted she gave birth to a single kaalaa half breed kit on a night when all the moons were shining in the sky. Azria'lah and her mate soon made their way back to her clan, so that Chione could meet her fortold grandkit. On seeing the kit Chione smiled seeing that this kit carried the crescent moon shaped spots above her eyes like she did. She was happy now to finally have a grandkit, and that her daughter had found a loving mate as well.

Solaire was named for the unique color scheme of her eyes. She proved to be a very capable kaalaa and her grandmother was the one that taught her all she needed to know about her Lunar blood and how to harness all her Lunar abilities. Chione had even mentioned to her that even though she was a half breed that she had the fortelling talent of an Oracle.

Solaire always loved to spend time with her grandmother, but her outings with her father were fun as well. He was the one who taught her how to fly and how to harness all her Sky giving abilities. She excelled in them just as she did with her Lunar abilities. Seeing that she had the talent of picking up things fast she eargerly wanted to learn more. Coming to the brink of her teenage years she took off on her own to learn new abilities from the different kaasht.

Being inquistive in nature and hearing of the Isle kaasht and their decorative tattoos, she eagerly wanted to investigate. Her curiousity soon led her to an isle where a few of the native kaasht, which after challenging her, respected her for her fighting talent. These kaasht where the ones that gave her the tattoos that she holds with pride and taught her a few abilities as well. Solaire continued to travel and pick up as many new abilities as she was allowed to where ever she went. One day though she was grieved when her mother had messaged her and told her that her father had been killed. Part of Solaire's world had crumbled that day and she could only think and feel sorrow. Those feelings soon were surpassed though as a Murin came into her life. Solaire feels really connected to the murin that came to her, and feels that inside this murin lies a fragment of her father's spirit.

Over the years she has encountered a few Protectors that had told her of their organizations, but she reclined to join. She does have a few dear friends in the Protectors though and each of them has one of her feathers, just incase they ever needed her. Many kaasht are surprised to know that even though Solaire has two peaceful kaasht species running through her, that she is a very talented and fierce fighter. She knows how to use everyone of her abilities to the fullest and she has the stubborness to not back down, but that is only if she can't get out of fighting, or that one of her friends are in danger.
Pet: Majic
Created and Played by Zephyr-Sombra.
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