Name: Taisme
Gender: Male
Age: 67 (Level 3)
Species: Isle/Marsh Kaasht
Height: 6'6"
Length: 7'
Base Colour: Blue
Colour Ability: Electric Shock 2
Species Abilities: Mirror Pelage, Immunity
Other Abilities: Black Miasma, Cobra Spray, Eternal Fang, Rising Mist, Scorpio's Pride, Serpent Strike, Sinkhole, Snakefang, Venom Blade, Breathe Freely, Freewalk, Remedy Touch, Natural Fang, Skin of the Snake, Fatal Toxin, Long Breath, Phase, Decay Dart, Creeping Flesh, Phobia, Summon Beasts, Dive with Ease, Werelight, Extend Time, Decay Dragon, Bone Shards, Coral Shards, Flesh Golem, Bone Blade, Shape Change, Speak
Appearance: Taisme is a bright, electric blue. His stripes are brindled and bright yellow. He's shorter than your average marsh, and isn't quite as bulky looking. But then again, he's taller than your average Isle and much more muscular. His build is somewhat a happy medium between the two, except his protruding canines, which are just as large as any Marsh's, and that he has the same slightly webbed, but distinct toes of an Isle with retractable claws. He is, also like an Isle, longer than he is tall, but only by a few inches. His mane does cover the circumference of his neck, however, it tends to stick up along the spine. Also, true to the nature of an Isle, he indeed has some leopard-looking spots on his mane.
History: Taisme was born to odd parents. A Marsh and an Isle? He tends to put it out of his mind how much energy the Shape Change involved used up... However odd they were, a Marsh and an Isle they still were, not making for the most enjoyable kithood. Overbearing father, domineering and corrective mother... So, of course, what did he do in response to the unbearable pressure by his parents? He warped and ended up as an eccentric kaasht with an odd tendency to break out in song and dance or some equally as flashy equivalent whenever he feels it appropriate (or innapropriate, for that matter.) He was eventually kicked out by his parents, and for this he was glad. Seeing the two of them next to each other made him think things he'd rather not be thinking. He joined the Protectors, figuring if they really needed him he could make himself of some use. But such times rarely came, and Taisme busied himself in, uh, other things.

He is and always had tended to be melodramatic, sometimes ranting at, well, nothing. He loves nothing more than being the center of attention, quite contrary to the nature of the two breeds in his lineage. He can be overly flirty when the mood strikes him, and he's not exactly picky about who he flirts with. Taisme's Life: Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll, perhaps without the rocks and only if you'd consider ale a drug.
Pet: A fufami named Tine
Created and Played by Ruggy.
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