Name: T'saori
Gender: Male
Age: 73 (Level 3)
Species: Mountain/Isle Kaasht
Height: 4'5"
Length: 4'6"
Base Colour: Black/Orange/Blue
Colour Abilities: Acid Blade 3, Sonic Scream, Electric Shock 2
Species Abilities: Feet of the Gecko, Mirror Pelage
Other Abilities: Attention Slip, Combine, Illusion, Link, Razor Claw, Shell, Shield, Silent Step, Telepathy, Track, Travel, Death Grip, High Leap, Rock Dragon, Split Rock, Super Strength, Turn on a Dime, Creeping Flesh, Decay Dragon, Extend Time, Fusion, Phase, Phobia, Werelight
Appearance: T'saori is one of the rare tricolor kaasht on Tryne, with abilities from the ink black, bright blue, and pale orange of his coat. Even rarer, he is of two breeds: Mountain and Isle, both quite obvious in his defined toes, shorter legs, strong build, and thick fur. Of all his colors, the black is most prominent, covering his whole face, mane, back, and the top of his tail, as well as making stripes along the outside of each leg. The base color of each leg, as well as taking up his whole lower half, is mottled with orange and blue, his other two ability colors. Stripes of alternating gold and blue run from forhead to haunch and one of each marks each cheek. Lightning bolt glare stripes of blue protect dark red eyes.
History: There are great things expected of T'saori. First, he is a tricolor. Second, he was brought into the Guild early, and he "graduated" from training correspondingly early, at age sixty-one. Third, he is the son of the famous, or perhaps infamous, tricolor Q'uara. He hates being bound to a destiny, but he sees no means of escape, so he follows the path his superiors have set for him with obvious reluctance and a sense of emptiness, as if there is something missing from his life that he can't put his tailtip on.

Q'uara's spiritual siblings, C'hishio and Ky'ouki, are well aware that their host will not live forever. In their anger at the world and their sister, they decided that they should cause further suffering and find a new host for when Q'uara died. During one of her mad periods, they managed to get her impregnated and forced her to carry the kit to term. The new kit not only sported his own color, black, but the spirits successfully implanted their own colors on him, giving him blue and orange as well. Thus, he was given another aspect of his supposed destinty, this one unbeknownst even to him: to someday carry around the vengeful spirits that caused his mother's misery.

Because they have not had the time and ability to influence T'saori from the inside since kithood, however, he does not share many of Q'uara's vices. He shows no signs of insanity or bloodlust, and is in fact a rather reluctant killer with a vague sense of honor and a muddied streak of compassion. The two Guild kaasht he spent his earliest years with were rare kind bicolors, unwarped by constant killing because of their assignments in kit-watching. He and his "siblings", other kits stolen from their parents at too young an age to begin their training, were treated with love and taught principles of honor before they were taken away to be trained. They focused especially on T'saori among the kits.

Most of these kits forgot their earliest lessons amidst the horrors of training, but T'saori managed to hang on to at least a few of these, perhaps in part because he was treated with a wary respect due to his three colors and parentage. It seemed as if kaasht expected him to turn wild and homocidal as Q'uara was wont to do. T'saori did nothing to dispell this fear of him. In fact, it came to be something of a game to threaten such things, and the only source of pleasure in an otherwise dreary and discontented life.
Pet: Q'uara/Ki'ira
Created and Played by Cacopheny.
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