Aiira Kiirsaa
Name: Aiira Kiirsaa
Gender: Female
Age: 27 (Level 2)
Species: Valley Kaasht
Height: 3'
Length: 2'
Base Colour: Blue
Colour Ability: Electric Shock
Species Abilities: Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Cloud Blade, Cloud Dragon, Curiosity, Diamond Blade, Ensnare, Find Food, Find Home, Forget, Jest, Speak.
Appearance: She has a little darker than sky blue coat with silver spots on her forehead, down her neck, and along her shoulders. Also with the tip of her tail, the fluff on her ears, the glare strips and her front paws silver. She also has lavender eyes and she has a thin muscular body with legs as lanky as Valley Kaasht's legs are. Also she has a necklace holding an emerald with which her mother gave her.
Created and Played by Kuronae.
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