Oral Name: Aviaith
Sacred Name: Unknown
Gender: None (appears mostly male)
Age: Unknown
Species: Elemental (Valley Kaasht)
Height: 18'
Length: 17'
Base Colour: N/A
Colour Ability: N/A
Species Abilities: N/A
Other Abilities: Commands weather and Valley abilities. Also can use Telepathy, Slumber, Shape Change, and Dream.
Appearance: Aviaith is, of course, an Elemental. While said Avi doesn't have any actual genitalia, he tends to lean towards the masculine side of things. He can generally be of any color he wants; though it's usually a cool grey like a cloudy day. He has lightning like-markings around his seemingly pupil-less eyes. The pupils themselves only show when the weather is at its worst. He is usually surrounded by a fine, cool mist which gets thicker as conditions turn rainier, ie, whenever he pleases. And, true to his nature as Weather, he is generally unpredictable. But even that's pegging him down.
Created and Played by Ruggy.
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