Name: Delphina
Gender: Female
Age: 55 (Level 3)
Species: Valley Kaasht
Height: 5'
Length: 3'
Base Colour: Purple
Colour Ability: Water Blast
Species Ability: Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Cloud Blade, Mist Kaasht, Fog, Forget, Sky Jump, Stun Fog, Eagle Eye, Ensnarement, Healing Touch, Razor Claw, Reflex, Shield, Shell
Appearance: Delphina is mostly a rich violet color with light blue underbelly and black paws, ears and facial stripe. She has large spots on her back and the back of her tail tip, light blue ringed in black. Rows of black spots also run down either side of her neck and tail. Her eyes are an amber color. She usually wears a red bandana with white polka-dots on her head, a red and white striped stocking on her left hind.
History: Delphina was not born in a valley at all, but rather on the seaside. Her parents were both wanderers who grew to love the sea, and she inherited their passion. Unfortunately, as wanderers, her parents tended not to stay in one place very often. After traveling from port to port on boats or on foot, they decided they'd had enough of the ocean and traveled inland. Delphina, a kit of 24 at the time, refused to go with them and ran back to the port city they had just left. Her distressed parents attempted to find her, but in truth by that time she was already quite lost herself.

Her parents eventually decided their daughter couldn't have survived so long on her own and left in dismay. She had actually been wandering the ports and docks, surviving by snatching food from boat cargos and stowing away on the boats. She found a stray fufami at this point of her life, and readily adopted the new friend. When she grew a bit older, she began to get hired to catch nightcreepers, and her pay was staple food and shelter. She continued to grow on the sea or seaside, going from port to port. As she got older she turned out to be very nimble and aerobic, so she started working, climbing into the masts to repair or adjust sails of ships.

As a valley kaasht, Delphina is fun loving and playful most of the time, making almost everything into a game. It's hard to tell if she actually takes anything seriously.
Pet: Taathaan, the fufami. His word is "Taathaan", clearly revealing Delphina's lack of creativity. He is mostly gold with a red back and tailtip, and green eyes.
Created and Played by Azura Riverja.
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