Name: Eekenna
Gender: Male
Age: 80 (Level 4)
Species: Valley Kaasht
Height: 7'3"
Length: 5'5"
Base Colour: Green
Colour Ability: Vine 2
Species Abilities: Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Hyper Sense, Ensnare, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Silent Step, Wind Call, Diamond Blade, Cloud Dragon, Sky Jump, Cloud Blade, Mist Kaasht, Telepathy
Appearance: He has a leaf green base color for his fur that slowly turns lighter as it goes down to his paws, the tip of his tail, ears and his muzzle, along with his mane, stomach and inner thighs. There are silver strips in the middle of his legs and the underside on the base of his tail, along with the bottom of the tip of his tail. The tear outlining his muzzle is a dark ,almost black, green. He has almost black green stripes on his forehead, down his neck and on the beginning of his tail. His eyes are a silver color that blends into a blue that surrounds his pupil. He has a cut that goes over his eyes from a long ago battle. His body Ii very muscular, with most of his strength in his front legs. He has light green, almost a mint color, tiger stripes on his thighs. He also has a dark blue crystal on his chest that was given to him by a kit he use to take care of.
History: Eekenna is very down to earth and very protective of any loved one. Growing Up in the city, he has always been cautious of people he didnt know. It was also this city, Aclaine, where he met his mate, Suumi. Tired of the city life they left to explore Tryne and find adventure, always carrying the crystal a cousin by the name of Airra Kiirasaa, gave him. He use to take care of her. He left her with a cousin so he could travel Tryne. To him she might as well be a daughter. Her leaving out on her own has made him even more protective of those around him. He is also known to wrestle and play around with friends and has a kit side to him also.
Created and Played by Kuronae.
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