Shami (male) Shami (female)
Name: Shami
Gender: Male
Age: 118 (Level 5)
Species: Valley Kaasht
Height: 9'
Length: 8'
Base Colour: White
Colour Ability: Cloud 5
Species Abilities: Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Razor Claw, Shield, Reflex, Shocking Grasp, Diamond Blade, Mist Kaasht, Itch, Cloud Blade, Many Kaasht, Spike Body, Ward, Link, Find Food, Bloody Fury, Ensnare, Shape Change, Combine
Appearance: Shami is a small white Valley kaasht with dark grey feet. Grey stripes mark his back legs, as do a multitude of black spots. His muzzle is also grey, and he has no ears or glare stripes to speak of. His tail is a bright blue with a black tip. His eyes are a beautiful blue.
History: Shami is a very unusual kaasht. He has the characteristics of both males and females. With his lacking of ears and glare stripe you can't tell which he is. The fact that he has both spots and stripes doesn't help the matter. What is even worse is that Shami is a sort of transvestite and likes to make kaasht think he is female when in actuality he is male.

His choice to do this was half decided only a few minutes after he was born.

Shami didn't live in a Clan. Instead he lived with his mother and father, a two older siblings, both female. His father was usually just as happy and go lucky as any other Valley kaasht, but he was very predjudiced. He hated Mundanes, and Tundra kaasht, and he hated kaasht that were mutated or misformed.

When Shami was born he father instantly saw that he has both spots and stripes, but worse he had no ears. The glare stripes was over looked.

As soon as Shami had dried after his birth, his father took him over to a corner of the 'den' and proceeded to effectively castrate him. His ripped off the kits testicles and then left him there to die by loss of blood.

His sister, Kiinaa, wandered over and sat down next to the dying kit. Shami was mewling in pain, but his cries were growing weaker. Kiinaa had Healing Touch, but neither of her parents knew it. She felt sorry for her younger brother and used her ability to help him. It was very little, as she was young, but it was enough to staunch the blood and help Shami live.

In a fit of rage in the morning, his father said that his name would be Shami. He wanted Shame or even it could even be Sham, but it was Shami, in part to hide his fathers own shame at having a misborn son. And now truth be told, not even that.

Shami grew up with the hate. His siblings had nothing to do with him. His mother kept him fed and dry, but that was the extent of what she would do for him. His father ignored him, or otherwise kicked him around, making him do all chores and generally verbally abusing him.

Shami left young. As he wandered, he soon found that it was fun to pull pranks on his fellow kaasht. He also found that other kaasht took him at first glance, a female. Only after he told them...and got ridiculed...did they know he was truly male. Shami found that this could be a good prank on kaasht though, and worked at making him seem female.

It took a long time of practice and work, but he eventually could be as effectively female as male. And he found it much more fun to make kaasht think he was a helpless female than a male that could maybe fight.

He is now a sometime thief, sometime charlatan, and all the time prankster. He wanders Tryne in search of fun and kaasht to prank.
Created and Played by Teknikat.
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