Name: Suumi
Gender: Female
Age: 76 (Level 4)
Species: Valley Kaasht
Height: 6'11"
Length: 5'3"
Base Colour: Red
Colour Ability: Fire's Fury
Species Abilities: Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Eagle Eye, Bloody Fury, Fog, Slumber, Telepathy, Razor Claw, Shape Change, Cloud Dragon, Sky Jump, Diamond Blade, Healing Touch
Appearance: Suumi's fur is a blood color red that has silver spots on her neck and front thighs.

Her tuffs on her ears, the tip of her tail, and her tear marking, outlining her muzzle are a sliver.The silver on her tail and ears seem to melt into the red base of her fur. Though the silver continues on the bottom of her tail connecting her silver tip to her silver belly.

Her neck and her stomach and iner thighs are a silver, too that melts into her base. From the base of her tail to the very tip of her tail is a dark dark dark red. Her paws are a dark, almost black red, which also melts into her fur, along with her muzzle.

Her eyes are a light green. Her body is somewhat muscular and her legs are a little bit longer than most valleys her age.
History: She is very out going and loves to play around and have fun. But that doesnt mean she doesnt know when its time to be serious, she can also be very independant when need be.

Suumi is also known to be a totally different kaasht when angered, and when someone does something mean to her or family members she is know to seek revenge. She loves to be taken care of by her mate, Eekenna, and adores him dearly and would do anythingto protect him. She was born in a medium size familly with 3 brothers, 2 older and 1 younger.

She is also fond of Aiiraa, Eekenna's cousin. Although they have only met a couple of times, she believes she has a good heart and feels somehow attached to her. She loves to be around people, which is how she met Eekenna, but is know looking for a more 'caution to the wind' kind of lifestlye.

So she and Eekenna have left their home in Aclaine to travel Tryne.
Created and Played by Kuronae.
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