Name: Trin
Gender: Female
Age: 36 (Level 2)
Species: Valley Kaasht
Height: 4'
Length: 3'
Base Colour: Blue
Colour Ability: Electric Shock
Species Abilities: Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Curiosity, Fog, Forget, Itch, Jest, Long Run, Sky Jump, Find Food, Find Home, Reflex, Attention Slip
Appearance: She has fur of a medium blue, with a pale gray throat and stomach. The gray patch also extends down a bit onto her legs. Her ear tufts are a light, purply-blue color, and four dots, arranged in a diamond-like pattern on her left hip, are the same color. Twelve spots, also the same blue-purple color, run down the length of her tail, and a teal stripe shows beneath each dark eye.
Created and Played by Cinder.
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