Plateau Kaasht abilities run in the range of time, illusion, and shifting. They also have the random abilities that all kaasht have, such as a dragon form, a blade ability, and abilities that only a Plateau Kaasht can have such as Time Warp.

To determine how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work

Automatic Plateau Kaasht Ability:
Wings of the Sky - The kaasht gets a pair of wings and is able to glide for up to 5 miles

Diamond Body The kaasht's body becomes as hard as a diamond
Disintigrate The kaasht is able to disintegrate anything up to half its mass when he touches it
Double Kaasht The kaasht can split itself into two different kaasht
Drain The kaasht can sap their enemy's energy and strength and draw it into themselves
Form The kaasht can form an inorganic substance into something organic
Freeze The kaasht can stop its enemy from moving for a few minutes
Idiot The kaasht's enemy is suddenly struck stupid, and will stay that way for up to 2 days
Kangaroo Leap The kaasht can leap high and far distances
Light Dragon The kaasht becomes a dragon that can manupulate light. Becomes the same size as the kaasht
Mind Invasion The kaasht can intrude into another kaasht's thoughts and read them. Very rare
Multiply The kaasht is able to make any one thing into 5 things
Polymorph The kaasht can change any organic substance into another organic thing
Rock The kaasht is able to turn anything handy into a rock and hurl them at the enemy
Shadow Blade A blade made of shadows
Shadow Dragon The kaasht becomes a dragon that can manupulate shadows. Becomes the same size as the kaasht
Shrink The kaasht can shrink an enemy to half its size for up to a day
Sickle The kaasht's dew claw grows into a raptor like claw
Slow The kaasht is able to make the enemy slower for a small period of time
Time Warp The kaasht can stop time for a few minutes. Very exhausting
Transform The kaasht can change itself into anything inorganic