This page contains summaries of important in-character events during the game. These events may have some effect on your character, so be sure to read this page every time it's updated.

Posted on December 3rd, 2004

Some time ago, Chameleon sent out a group of Guilders, with the mission to go to Alcaine, enter the central palace, and assassinate the Sky elders, for a reason he did not tell. This group has just recently entered Alcaine and done just that. At this point it turned out that Chameleon had been with the group all along, hiding using his Shape Change ability.

As the female Sky elder died, she said a name - the Sacred Name of the Life Elemental. This was what Chameleon had come for.

He summoned the Life Elemental right there in the centre of Alcaine - as he had her Sacred Name, she was bound to whatever task he gave her. He forced her to create a creature capable of killing any kaasht or minena, and set it upon the Protector base, where it killed many of the kaasht there.

Falcon, who had also entered Alcaine in disguise along with a number of high ranking Protectors, battled with Chameleon, destroying a fair portion of the city, before they both teleported to a desert to fight instead. Both kaasht eventually left the fight alive.

The creature, though, is still on Tryne, and still causing chaos.