Slowly, ever so slowly, you approach a world. It is a huge world, with many colors to its land and oceans. Slowly you descend and fall upon this alien and unique world. Slowly, ever so slowly, you look around, wondering where you are. There are colors everwhere. You seem to be able to see everything and nothing at once. Tree, grasses, plants, they all come in different colors. Some of the huge trees have white, green, even red trunks, while their leaves are red, yellow, even white. Grasses are yellow, blue, green, some are even red. And together, it appears beautiful.

For a while you simply stare at the beauty, randomly noticing the small creatures and insects that inhabit the world. Then suddenly your consciousness seems to swirl, and you find yourself staring at two different creatures.

One is a huge, cat-like creature. This one is blue..then it changes to green, then red, then changes throughout the spectrum. You understand that these creatures come in all colors. The cat creature has no toes, instead its paws are one seemingly huge toe. Its tail is huge and curled over its back...prehensile. This one has stripes...somehow you know that this means it's male. The creature stares you for a moment, and murmurs, "Cooroonaa'kaasht." Color-kaasht. Then it walks away.

Your focus changes to the other is smaller, yet still large. This one is more hyena-like, with sloping hind quarters. It has a large kangaroo-like tail, except for the end where it puffs like a lion's. It has a neck mane like a zebras, but larger. It has the look of intelligence, and immediatly you know, that like the kaasht, it can be of any color. Like the Color-kaasht...the stares you then also murmurs something. "Minena." They are the minena. Then it too turns and walks away.

You stare for a moment, unsure of what is happening. You try to speak..but you have changed. You look down and your body is different. You no longer have a body you recongnize. Instead you flirt between two creatures... the minena..and the coronakaasht...

You are unsure of what to do... and then you make a decision... you will become one of the two creatures... but which one?

That my friends, is your choice, and your choice alone. Choose well and enjoy your stay upon the world known as Tryne.

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