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March 11th

Added a new character and fixed up the Dragonform pages some more. Now the Decay and Lunar Dragons have pictures, and the Frost, Light, Shadow, Decay and Lunar Dragons all have their descriptions.

Beach Kaasht: Thain'kaa

Febuary 15th

Time for a change around here. Here's a new site design created by Shavahi. Enjoy!

New characters, as usual.

Halfbreeds: Latigo
Multicolors: Baurillo
Mountain Kaasht: Feurscha

Added a new religion - Wreoo Shraackn'n.

Finally, the Valley Kaasht ability "Cloud Kaasht" has been renamed to avoid confusion with the Level 8 Colour ability of the same name (they don't do exactly the same thing). It is now called "Mist Kaasht". I've gone through and corrected any Valley/Valley multibreed kaasht' char sheets with the ability, but I'm mentioning it here to avoid any confusion.

January 6th

Not much to say, but there's some new characters up. Also reworked the character pages a lot - all credit to Phoenix for the new design.

Beach Kaasht: Sylabys
Valley Kaasht: Delphina, Eekenna, Suumi, Trin
Tundra Kaasht: Chyodu, Meysllok
Isle Kaasht: Barra Jonnai, Kayisa Jonnai
Lesser Minena: Hhirrfaa, Micho, Ro Daamu
Murin: Pelameera, Q'uara, Tikkinsii

I've also deleted some inactive characters from the listings. If yours got deleted and you want them back, just post on the forum and let me know.