September 27th

This is only a partial update, but since it's been so long since the last one... well, something's better than nothing, right?

Right now, all that's been added is some more characters, but keep watching. Lots of new stuff is coming up!

Also, yes, the characters listed by player page is missing for now, but it'll be back next update.

Half Breeds: Keba
Forest Kaasht: Laedophas
Plains Kaasht: Gwanaith, Tejina Nokoribi, Thali
Cave Kaasht: Aristay, Neera
Valley Kaasht: Aiira Kiirsaa
Tundra Kaasht: Keda
Plateau Kaasht: Cortian, Isabis
Isle Kaasht: Naiashai Akaavaa, Sumiira
Lesser Minena: Rhyxo
Murin: Daminia, Kaueh, Majic, Naulisaa, Sakkaku

May 29th

Yes... more characters.
Half Breeds: Ramsis
Old Mystics: Aaniu
Lunar Kaasht: Jabari

This update's mainly about clarification of various things. For starters, we've added a quick note to each Coronakaasht species page just above the age charts. It's a quick little conversion guide, so you can check how old your character would be if they were human. There's been a little bit of confusion involving character ages, so we're hoping this will clear it up a bit.

Remember - 2.4 kaasht years = 1 human year, and 1 kaasht level = 10 human years!

Also added a little bit onto the rules regarding the minimum acceptable age for characters. Please read through them!

May 11th

Yet more characters.
Half Breeds: SoBe
Sky Kaasht: Nimbus
Forest Kaasht: Thack
Cave Kaasht: Uchuu
Marsh Kaasht: Junana, Morrwa, Srakaash
Plateau Kaasht: Ven
Murin: Corvel, Jaspir, Shoriaa

Lots of new religions, covering the Isle, Beach, Cave, and Valley Kaasht, as well as Greater Minena.

Also added Greater Minena society info.

Reworked the Flora page under General Knowledge - now it's split up into two pages and new plant species have been added!

Oh yeah - the Makzeltashi Alain'uim plot really needs more players before we can set a start date! Take a look, see if you have a character who could enter, or maybe you could make a new one up?

Three more adoptables - Cerald (Valley), Keda (Tundra) and Rhyxo (Lesser minena).

Finally, don't forget to visit The Color Spyral Art Gallery! Are you an artist? Got Tryne-related art? Why not submit it?

April 14th

Added a few more characters.
Half Breeds: Shape
Plains Kaasht: Shakiith Horishi
Desert Kaasht: Nurasha
Marsh Kaasht: Kayl'raa
Lunar Kaasht: Mirriha
Lesser Minena: Etsoo
Murin: Krrrs, Mano, Partou

Finally added the Shirokarr info! (About time, too...)

Also added information on ranks and positions in the Guild and Protectors.

Couple of Kashtian updates - new stuff in Adjectives and Other Words.

Some more new templates - this time of various pets. Fufami, fleepips, and pibbits!

And there are two new adoptable Marsh Kaasht - Junana and Morrwa. Don't forget to check out the other adoptables, too!

March 29th

More characters again.
Halfbreeds: Dante, Iiqaoti, Raanrali, Solaire, T'saori
Multicolors: Chakssaa, Erloian, Janiira, T'saori, Undosiell
Sky Kaasht: Teru
Forest Kaasht: Brackish
Plains Kaasht: Akebi, Arágo, Baariitch, Bhudev, Lehanna
Desert Kaasht: Jaeda
Cave Kaasht: Kerili, Kirih, Kyeesha, Toeroo
Marsh Kaasht: Gruskad, Mhotepi
Plateau Kaasht: Pureska
Isle Kaasht: Vnfuro
Lunar Kaasht: Koro'erisestal, Sestalserr'aet, Tsuki
Greater Minena: Yason
Lesser Minena: Kalan Rill
Murin: Meskhenet, Rhashka, Sllalle

Murin are now a playable race! Go and read up on their secrets...

Added a new story by Skylier - Dante's Decision.

Added more links, and some link banners for this site.

Updated the list of Clans on Kyisna and added a list of Clans on Mirran

March 2nd

More new characters...
Half Breeds: Krevliiarn
Multicolours: Chynichy
Lunar Kaasht: Kysiika

A completely new section has been added! We now have a Plots page, where you can read up on the important planned threads in the RP, and maybe even join in...

Added a few things to the Rules and the Character Creation Tutorial. Go take a look at them both.

New templates added, including a reworked murin, some new types of kit, and minlings. Enjoy!

Febuary 20th

Quickie update this time. Added more characters again:
Half Breeds: Ashiilai, Friishari
Multicolours: Sephanat
Sky Kaasht: Timeye
Plains Kaasht: Eradinus
Old Mystics: Baaron, Essence
Marsh Kaasht: Merh'hakinay
Tundra Kaasht: Moochie
Plateau Kaasht: Attaar, Baikal
Lunar Kaasht: Adeelian, Aiyanna
Greater Minena: Barouxamir
Lesser Minena: Faioren, Niraanth, Ynassu

Rearranged the General Knowledge page a bit and moved a few pages to Species, mainly for the sake of organising the 'essential info' better.

Working on the Dragonforms and Sizes page - there should be more images now. We're still getting all of the dragonform pictures and descriptions ready, so bear with us for now.

I'm currently going through the site in an attempt to fix up any broken images, errors, or missing pages, so it you see something that doesn't work, let us know.

January 24th

Big update today. As well as the new intro on this page, and the usual new characters...
Half Breeds: Adalia, Kaisen
Multicolors: Chiiye, Ketvi
Sky Kaasht: Ashathé, Shaien
Plains Kaasht: Reik'n Blackfyre
Desert Kaasht: Parish
Cave Kaasht: Iriques
Marsh Kaasht: Merai
Plateau Kaasht: Laroisy
Lunar Kaasht: Cheaspeake
Greater Minena: Lise Ashan'dore, Syrimis

Take a look at the Languages - new Kashtian words have been added, and a whole new language - Forrmiir, the language of the minena.

Updated the Protector's info under General Knowledge.

Also added the Links page.