The Guild is an organization that was created after the Time of Madness. The Guild is led by a single kaasht named Chameleon. Chameleon, once called Dei'kasi, is over 4000 years old. Chameleon caused the Time of Madness by trying to call upon the Elementals and failing. After the Time of Madness, Chameleon wandered Tryne, figuring out and training himself with all the new abilities that he had gained. It took him a long time to realize that he had every single ability known to kaasht kind. Somehow, in some way, the wash of magic that had flooded Tryne had given him more abilities that any other kaasht in existence.

It took him many, many years to completely understand an control all of his abilities. After years of wandering, testing his new powers on the newly developing kaasht, he decided to create an organization where he could teach others who had more then one color to kill and to hunt the Elementals for him. It took many years of searching before he found a kaasht with more than one color. They were rarer than they are now, and Chameleon took it upon himself to specially train this kaasht.

It took years to accomplish, but when he had finished molding the kaasht into what he wanted, he sent him out to hunt for others like him. With two of them searching it did not take as long to find others. Against the newly found multi-colored kaasht will, they were brought to a remote part of the mountains on a continent not yet named, and began to train the new recruits. Some of the kaasht were older and therefore more difficult to bend and break. In the end though, it was done, and yet more kaasht with more than one color joined the ranks. After many years of searching and trained, Chameleon and his first had gained ten members that were fully devoted to Chameleon. It was then that they decided to build a base. It was small at first, but hidden just as it is now. The first base, in fact, is the same base that Chameleon now resides at, controlling his large number of Guilders. Over the years it was hollowed it, and it grew to accommodate more and more kaasht. Training chambers were made, as were torture chambers to break kaasht's wills.

When his base was complete Chameleon once again set out his multi-colored kaasht to capture more like themselves. By that time Chameleon had decided to call his group the Guilders, and they had become like a sort of family to him. A warped family that did everything to his will, but a family nonetheless.

As the years went by, the number of Guilders grew and grew. Sometimes, after the numbers grew large enough to have others train the new recruits, Chameleon would take aside a couple of highly promising kits and personally train them. These kaasht would often be his special assassins or do other jobs that the others were not able to do.

Time went by slowly as the number of Guilders grew. As the time passed by, Chameleon began to lose his mind, although it was slow and unnoticeable. It took many years before Chameleon came to the conclusion that all kaasht should have more than one coat color, and decided that for their own best health that only multi-colored kaasht should live. Chameleon believed that if a kaasht didn't have more than one coat color than they were helpless and unable to care for themselves, and would only die a hard cruel death. One of his goals now is to change the fact that kaasht only have one base color. He has not yet begun to kill one colored kaasht out of kindness, but he has decided that once he has all the Elementals Sacred Names he will purge the world of one colors so that a better equipped and less vulnerable and helpless kaasht species can rule.

Another one of his insane ideas is the warped sense that any multi-color is part of his family. Chameleon himself has many offspring. The magic influx never washed away his ability to help create kits, and he has never aged so he has many that roam the world. Many, like himself, have more than one color. Others are duds, and have only one. When he finds one he mercifully puts it out of its misery, thinking it for the better. Chameleon though, instead of thinking that only his kits are family, instead thinks that all kaasht in the Guild, and even multi-colors that are yet to be brought in, are his family. Often times he is very cruel to his 'family' but because all the kaasht are too afraid to fight him he thinks that they too love him as a father. Chameleon is very strict with his 'family' and will not stand disobedience. Sometimes, in a rage, he will kill a 'family' member. Sometimes he thinks he's doing the right thing because the kaasht was too stupid to be a part of his 'family' and so must not be his.

The Guild has, over the years, grown into a huge organization in which well over 1000 members exist. Most are bi-colors, but there do exist the tri and quad colors. Sometimes even the rare quint-color or higher will be found. Chameleon will often train kaasht with more than two colors himself, or for at least part of the time. One of the most coveted types of multi-color is a the multi-color multi-breed. Chameleon will often do everything possible to capture one. Kaasht with silver in the coats are also in high demand. Chameleon often Scrys, looking for any multi-colored kits in existence. He will often be the one to find them, and will send his Guilders after the kit.

Finding new members isn't the only thing he has his Guilders do. Chameleon also sends them out in hopes of finding the Sacred Names of the Elementals. The Guild members themselves do not know of the existence of the Elementals. Only if they come in with prior knowledge, which most do not, will they know of the Elementals. Most of that Guilders that Chameleon sends out on clues have no idea what they are hunting for. They just do as they are ordered and hunt down the Names, even though they do not know what they are hunting for. Most of the time Chameleon just sends his Guilders to hunt down other multi-colors and to cause chaos by destroying Clans. Many kaasht know of the existence of the Guild, even if they aren't sure of what it is exactly. The most of what they know is that they are kaasht with more than one color.

As it stands now, Chameleon is doing basically what he did in the beginning. He still wants to purge the world of the sad one colors, and he still thinks of the Guild as his family. And, of course, he still hunts for the Names of the Elementals.

Guilder Ranks and Positions
A multicoloured kit may be stolen away at any age, although if the kit is under 40 years old, they will not be trained until they reach around that age, otherwise they generally wouldn't survive the training. Training lasts for a maximum of 25 years, and so a full Guilder is rarely under 65 years old.

Guilder ranks are as follows:

: Those multicolours that have been freshly brought into the organisation and are in training.

Sons/Daughters: Guild Children that have completed their training.

Brothers/Sisters: The standard soldiers. Sons and Daughters are promoted to full Brothers and Sisters after successfully completing their second assignment, or their first year of duty (for those that aren't warriors).

Elder Brothers/Sisters: Guilders that have completed numerous assignments successfully.

Patriarchs/Matriarchs: The best of the best, these Guilders have completed countless assignments not only successfully, but also with extreme efficiency and minimal losses. There are currently only about 60 of these-about 6% of the current Guilder host.

Guilder positions are as follows:

: The 'default' position for Guilders. The average Guilder, when not assigned a mission by Chameleon, acts of his own free will, attacking Clans and wandering kaasht so as to sow destruction and kill the uni-colours that Chameleon so despises.

Assassins: Some Guilders are tail-picked and trained by Chameleon himself to be Assassins, and receive special missions to go out and kill kaasht that Chameleon wants eliminated. Missions usually involve infiltrating dangerous territory, and Assassins work alone or in pairs. Only the best make it here.

Fetchers: Whenever Chameleon Scrys and finds a multicolour kit or kaasht, he sends a Fetcher or two to retrieve them and bring them to the Guild for training.

Foilers: Counter to the Protector's Liberators, Foilers go out in search of young hybrids to kill them before the Protectors find them.

Imitators: Guilders that are also hybrids sometimes find themselves with the job of pretending to be a Protector, using subtle and secret methods given by Chameleon himself to hide their telltale Guilder scent. Some sneak into minor Protector bases or weasel their way into Protector squads, while others take places in cities and towns. Location aside, the sole purpose of an Imitator is to gather information that the Guild can use to its advantage. Guilders with coats that can pass as that of a uni-colour may also be Imitators.

Initiators: Initiators are the kaasht that teach neophytes how to fight. They're often called 'Breakers,' for their job of 'breaking in' the rookies.

Overseers: Some high-ranked Guilders may receive the privilege of being the head of one of the many Guilder outposts or torture chambers scattered across Tryne, or the head of their own regiment of Berserkers.

Patchers: The Patchers are the Guild's healers, and most of these kaasht aren't even half gold, due to the weaker nature of bicolour golds' healing abilities. Instead, Patchers rely on well-practiced Healing Touches and more traditional methods of healing.

Ruiners: The Ruiners act much like the Cohort's Saboteurs, existing to cause pure chaos and mayhem.

Torturers: Predictably a position for those of sadistic bearing, the Torturers run the Guild's torture chambers. Jobs range from breaking in defiant recruits to extracting information from captured Protectors.