Year Numbering
The system of year numbering on Tryne is known as 'GRX', which stands for Grraahn Rreexaan se Xyyaanaa (After the Time of Madness). Obviously, it counts up the years from when Dei'kasi - Chameleon - attempted to call the Elementals, triggering the Time of Madness. The exact year, however, is uncertain, due to the chaos that followed - therefore, a rough guess is accepted as the basis for the calender.

The 'present day' on Tryne is about 4000 GRX

Year Division
One year on Tryne lasts for 484 days. Each year is divided into four 'seasons' with 121 days each - each season is further divided into four 'months' with 30.25 days each. Because of this, each month lasts for 30 days, and at the end of the season there is an extra 'make up' day to make up for the remaining .25 day at the end of each month. These days are usually set aside as holidays.

The seasons and months are as follows:

Season 1, Hhraaan
(Spring in northen hemisphere, autumn in southern hemisphere)
Month 1, Qiisnaa
Month 2, Tyyne
Month 3, Mreem
Month 4, Pwahaan
Make-up day 1, Hhraan-shavaa

Season 2, Essraah
(Summer in northen hemisphere, winter in southern hemisphere)
Month 1, Suushon
Month 2, Fwaase
Month 3, Llyemoo
Month 4, Ueemah
Make-up day 2, Essrah-shavaa

Season 3, Mwaanaax
(Autumn in northen hemisphere, spring in southern hemisphere)
Month 1, Kilaan
Month 2, Bresaash
Month 3, Nrrahmah
Month 4, Rrashaam
Make-up day 3, Mwaanaax-shavaaa

Season 4, Fwalaanos
(Winter in northen hemisphere, summer in southern hemisphere)
Month 1, Tooma
Month 2, Driisaan
Month 3, Eaanaa
Month 4, Kerenah
Make-up day 4, Fwalaanos-shavaa