Just like people, many kaasht and minena have pet creatures to keep them company. Here are some of the more common pet animals. There are other animals on Tryne which are occasionally domesticated and kept as pets, but these are the most frequently seen.

A small earless hamster-like pet, with a long tail with a lion-like poof at the end. Fufami can come in any color, and of any temperament. They are often extremely loyal to their owner. They can only say one word, and it is a word that they choose. How they say it depends on how they are feeling, and what they think. They are about the size of a newborn Forest Kaasht kit, and tend to be friendly... but like I said, they can have any temperament. They can run surprisingly fast, and are agile, but they have no special abilities as such. They are usually 'acquired' early in life, and can live for about fifty years.

Murin are a very special type of pet. The first thing that is different is that you don't choose the Murin, they choose you. Another thing is that they're telepathic. And another thing is...well they float. They don't generally walk, they float. They can 'wink' about as they wish, popping out just about anywhere. Murin don't speak out verbally, but use their minds to communicate. Generally it is with pictures, and perhaps a few words, and not much more. How they float is unknown. Murin can vary in color, but most are of a silver/grey color, with black or brown feet. Murin a vaguely fox like, with huge ears and a thick neck. They have shorter legs, with paws. Their tails are long, and much like a male kaasht, but are only semi prehensile. They can curl it a little, but that is about it. Murin are about the size of a six or seven year old human child. They are surprisingly intelligent....and can reason, and think. Not too much in known about Murin.

For more information on Murin, go here

Fleepips are much like our own dogs, bred down from more savage and independant predators. Fleepips were bred down from fleeruns. Fleepips, which range in size, and are pack friendly, domesticated, and are generally playful. They are extremely loyal to their owner, and can be taught, like our dogs, different traits, tricks, and attitudes. Some can be kept as attack fleepips or just a pets. Fleepips are fairly common, and can be bought from individual kaasht in cities. They range in color also.

A pibbit is a small creature that looks to be a cross between a parakeet and a rabbit. They are about the size of a great dane. They are extremely quiet and calm, and often act depressed, although they are not as this is their nature. They have a tendency to be independent...almost like a cat...but well loved pibbits will gladly heed their master's wish. They are often sought out, as many kaasht like their quiet demeaner. They can come in many colors, but the most common is blue and green, and their wings wings are vestigial...which means they are just there. Pibbits can't fly.