General Info
The law enforcement organisation known simply as the Guards is a group of well-trained soldiers dedicated to protecting Alcaine and its inhabitants. Other cities across Tryne often have administrations dedicated to protecting the city, but only in Alcaine is the defence so well organised and effective.

In order to join the City or Hunter Division of the Guards, a kaasht must be at least 50 years old, know the "Perceive" ability, and have no criminal record. The kaasht must also be in good physical and mental health, and Mundanes may not apply. Minena and leucrottas are also not allowed in the force, and hybrids are encouraged to first join the Protectors instead. Actual Protectors are allowed and welcomed into the force.

It's unspoken knowledge that the larger, stronger kaasht breeds are preferred, but all breeds are welcome to apply, as each offers its own advantages to the Guards. Applicants are interviewed in the presence of a Forest possessing the Eyes of Truth ability before acceptance.

Guards are paid well, with raises available to those who do their job better than the rest. Lesser raises are also given each time a Guard goes up in level, so as to encourage high-level kaasht to remain with the force instead of retiring.

Unlike most of the common folk of Alcaine, the Guards know a little about the Guild, since they freely work with Protectors, but they do their best to keep this information from leaking to the public. The Guards know enough to stop any multicolour kaasht they catch trying to enter the city, by any means necessary. The multicolour is taken to the nearest Guard station for interrogation by a group of Forests with the Eyes of Truth ability, and is usually killed if he or she turns out to be a Guilder.

It is very hard for Guilders to infiltrate Alcaine, since the Perceive ability that all Guards possess allows them to sense the use of such abilities as Mimic, Shape Change, or Deception. Guards also know how to detect the telltale scent that all Guilders bear. This does not mean, however, that such infiltration hasn't happened.

Although Guards do have prisons for those they arrest, there is no such thing as a life term - only the death sentence. There is also no such thing as parole. Kaasht must serve the full extent of their jail time.

There are five ranks among the Guards: Ensign, Soldier, Sentinel, Elite, and Commander.

Ensigns are the fresh new recruits, and when on duty either go in groups or with a senior officer. Training is heavy at this level, and discipline is strict. If a kaasht cannot handle it, they often leave the force before they are kicked out. The Guards is an organisation for only the most dedicated kaasht.

After accumulating a year of experience, and with the approval of an Elite officer, an Ensign will be promoted to Soldier rank. Soldiers spend less time training and more time out on the streets than Ensigns, and a more experienced Sentinel or two often heads a group of Soldiers.

The bread-and-butter members of the Guards are the Sentinels. 80% of kaasht in the Guard force are Sentinels. Soldiers may be elevated to this rank after another year, or sometimes two, depending on the kaasht's ability. For safety reasons, Sentinels always work in pairs, and sometimes in groups for more dangerous assignments.

Kaasht that have been with the Guards for a very long time, are very skilled at their work, and hold the respect of their peers may earn the rank of Elite. As their title suggests, the Elite are the best of the best, and many lesser-ranked Guards hold high hopes of achieving this rank someday. Kaasht usually cannot be promoted to this rank until they are about 115 years old.

There are only three Commanders in the entire force at a single time, and each is head of one of the three Guard Divisions. Commanders rise from the Elite of their own division, appointed by the city's Elders. Commander election is a surprisingly smooth process, as the Elders know not to appoint anyone the Guards wouldn't want to work under. A pendant worn about the neck designates a Guard's rank. Each kaasht wears a silver, shield-shaped insignia engraved with their rank rune around their neck on a sturdy metal chain. Two semi-precious stones also on the chain, one on each side of the badge, denote the kaasht's Division through colour.

City Division
Commanded by the Desert kaasht Rustam, the first Division of Alcaine's Guards are the basic City Guards. These fellows make up the backbone of the organisation, and without them Alcaine would have no police force. City Guards handle tasks from locating lost kits and breaking up street fights, to arresting whores and busting up drug rings. City Guards also do undercover work, and can occasionally be hired as escorts and bodyguards. Patrols of kaasht with the Perceive ability constantly walk the beat about Alcaine, searching for civilians using abilities without a proper permit.

The colour of the City Guards is red.

Palace Division
The second Division is Alcaine's Palace Guards, and is commanded by the Plateau kaasht Akesh. Palace Guards are promoted from the Elite and more experienced Sentinels of the City Division. Detection abilities are important here, and Ensnare and/or Shackle are good to have as well, since these kaasht are the ones that protect the Elders. These Guards are often very good at stealth as well, since the biggest threats to the Elders never enter the Palace openly.

The colour of the Palace Guards is purple.

Hunter Division
The final Division of Alcaine's police force are the Hunter Guards, who are commanded by Haosha the Mountain. Hunter Guards are paired up with well-trained fleepips, like our own K-9 cops. Hunter Guards and their partners are detectives, tracking down criminals and sniffing out drugs. Larger fleepip varieties are also trained to help subdue kaasht. No other creatures are partnered with Hunters.

To be a Hunter Guard, a kaasht must get along well with animals. The Speak ability is commonplace, but not required. Shield, however, is a required ability, as kaasht must be able to protect their non-magical companion in case of emergency. Shell is good to have as well. Each Hunter Guard is paired with a single fleepip, and the bond between the two usually grows to be unbreakable except by death.

The colour of the Hunter Guards is blue.