Neeaak'vaacoo (copperleaf)
Known as simply as "copper" on the streets, neeaak'vaacoo is the most "readily" available substance to kaasht that know how to get it. It is the "starter" drug for kaasht. Processed from the seeds of the reeyyak plant - a small shrub that grows best in arid conditions like those on the plains - neeaak'vaacoo is a brown-black powder. It is mixed into drink - ale is a favourite amongst addicts - and consumed that way, as the powder itself has an extremely unpleasant taste.

Neeaak'vaacoo contains chemicals that act almost immediately on the brain, causing pleasant highs much like intense alcohol intoxication, but in a much shorter period of time. Kaasht that use neeaak'vaacoo often have trouble remembering what they might have done while they were high, as the drug impairs memory and reason. It is very easy to get addicted to neeaak'vaacoo, as the user's tolerance level to the drug builds up from the very first use, and the half-life of the drug in a kaasht's body is 6 hours. Neeaak'vaacoo withdrawal is quite unpleasant, causing the kaasht to shiver near uncontrollably, ache all over, and shoves the desire for another neeaak'vaacoo-laced drink high on the kaasht's list of desires.

Although a drug easy to get addicted to, neeaak'vaacoo is weak, and it takes extreme amounts of the powder to overdose. The long-term effects of using neeaak'vaacoo aside from addiction are emotional imbalance, throat/stomach diseases, and a weakened immune system.

Kiirex is a stimulant processed into small green pills, derived from the oils of the vine-like kiireetha plant, which is found in forests. It resembles an artificial adrenaline, with intense effects on a kaasht's central nervous system. When taken, kiirex causes an increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased wakefulness and energy, and acts as an aphrodisiac to some kaasht. Addicts like this drug from the feeling of alertness it gives them, and the fact that it takes a very long time to build up a tolerance. The high from a kiirex pill fades in 20-40 minutes.

Kiirex is a dangerous drug, however, made even more so by the fact that the 50th pill gets much the same reaction out of a kaasht as their first one. Long-term use of the drug ruins the emotional stability of the kaasht taking it, causing irritability, anxiety/paranoia, and violent behaviour, which can lead to depression, lethargy (usually leading the kaasht to take another pill), and can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

Spliced from the words for "fog" and "grey," anarom is classified as an inhalant, obtained from the leaves of the small gaareeth plant. Burgundy in colour, the processed leaves are wrapped into sticks like those of incense, and burned in much the same way. Slow-burning, anarom sticks (known as 'candles') release a pale, spicy-scented smoke inhaled by the kaasht using it, and is a common group-use drug. Addicts often bathe a lot and/or wear perfumes to cover the anarom's scent, which readily clings to one's pelt.

A "casual" drug, anarom causes a pleasant feeling of light-headedness, and most kaasht get started on anarom in search of a stress-reliever. Tundras are common anarom addicts. Anarom also causes giddiness and eases a kaasht's social restraints, making them feel like it's easier for them to get along with others. Coming off a high/withdrawal results in headaches, and intense hunger and/or thirst. Some anarom addicts can end up obese.

Anarom is just as dangerous as any drug, as it can kill a kaasht even if it's his or her first time using it. Since inhaling anarom smoke robs the brain of oxygen, it is quite possible for kaasht to suffocate while using anarom. Lack of oxygen can also lead to hallucination, and numbness in the extremities (as what oxygen the kaasht does take in becomes restricted to vital areas). Anarom can cause irreversible damage to blood vessels in the brain, leading to strokes. It can also cause lung damage and dangerous chemical imbalances in kaasht.

Processed from the roots of niilaten shrubs into a yellowish powder, wreensak is a stimulant almost as common as neeaak'vaacoo. Wreensak powder is placed in small amounts under the tongue, where it is allowed to dissolve. Its taste is somewhat metallic, but also sweet.

Wreesak is highly addictive, and stimulates chemical-producing portions of a kaasht's brain, producing intense feelings of pleasure, and is often used as an aphrodisiac. Tolerance to wreensak develops as the kaasht's brain destroys the chemical-producing cells in attempt to curb the overabundance of the chemical, causing the kaasht to use wreensak in greater amounts in attempt to recapture their first high (like cocaine), and addiction soon follows. Extreme wreensak addicts become preoccupied with getting more of the drug, and most of their thoughts and behaviours are directed to that end.

High doses of wreensak can cause users to become aggressive and violent, which combined with its aphrodisiacal properties can sometimes lead to rape. In rare cases, wreensak can cause death, even after first use. Death results from cardiac arrest or seizures. Pregnant kaasht that use wreesak often lose their kits, or bear malformed, underdeveloped, or mentally disabled kaasht. Wreesak addicts never bear normal kits, but the cause for this is unknown. Males that overuse wreesak may find themselves sterile.