Elementals are the kaasht with the power to control the Elements. Fifteen are known to exist: Fire, Air, Water, Spirit, Metal, Wood, Earth, Life, Death, Weather, Poison, Ice, Light, Dark and Color. Each is extremely powerful, even to the level of a god. They do not exist or live on the same dimensional plane as normal Kaasht, but they can and often do cross over to the kaasht plane. They are the most powerful beings known to kaasht, even though most do not even remember or know anything about them. Each Elemental has two names: its Sacred Name which no one knows, and its Oral Name, which is what the Elemental goes by. If a kaasht knows the Elementals Sacred Name, then they can be summoned, and are able to use their power. Chameleon, leader of the Guild, is trying to find the Sacred Names of the Elementals so that he can join with them and control all of their powers.

Each Elemental goes with each species of Kaasht:

Sky kaasht Air
Forest kaasht Wood
Plains kaasht Fire
Mountain kaasht Earth
Desert kaasht Spirit
Cave kaasht Metal
Beach kaasht Water
Valley kaasht Weather
Old Mystics Life and Death
Marsh kaasht Poison
Tundra kaasht Ice
Plateau kaasht Light and Dark
Isle kaasht Time
Lunar kaasht Color

Playing an Elemental: You may only make an Elemental if Sarah offers you one. The reason for this is simple - Elementals are the most powerful beings on Tryne, and so are reserved for people who have been at the RP for a while, know what they are doing, and have proved themselves to be good quality writers. Don't beg for an Elemental or whine about not having one - this won't increase your chances. Just do your best and don't worry if you aren't picked right away - owning an Elemental isn't everything about the game, after all.