The Protectors is an organization created after the Time of Madness by a kaasht named Falcon or Kii'ahaar. Falcon, like Chameleon, is extremely old, being around 3750 years of age. Unlike Chameleon, Falcon does not have every color of the kaasht spectrum, but he does have every single breed of kaasht in him. Falcon came into being by the help of the Elementals. It took them a few tries before they came out with a successful kit that had all of the breeds in him and didn't repress any of the breeds. Falcon was immediately taken from his mother after he was born, and was raised by the Elementals themselves. All of the Elementals had a paw in his upbringing. From each he learned different lessons - from Life and Death the value of life and the meaning of death, and from Fire and Earth, how to fight, sometimes not always fairly. He was taught lessons and helped for many years before he left their care. Before he left though, he was taught about Chameleon, and his search for them and their Sacred Names. He also learned that he planned on creating a organization known as the Guild.

It took Falcon many years with the Elementals to learn all his abilities, how to use them, and how to use them wisely. Like Chameleon though, he has infinite energy in using them. After a few years of wandering and trying to decide how he could counter Chameleon, he decided, that like Chameleon, he would create an organization and call them the Protectors, as it was that they were to do. He would train multi-breeds, and teach them the values of right and wrong, of life and death. He would train them in how to fight and how to use their abilities wisely. Falcon would teach them to help others and to stop the Guild at all costs.

Falcon traveled for only a few years before he found his first multi-breed. True, it was only a half-breed, but at that time multi-breeds were rare as the breeds were not yet fully formed. Falcon took this kaasht in, and like Chameleon, found a base in which to help his organization grow. He chose a mountain, like Chameleon, and there he took the kaasht and began to train him. Unlike Chameleon, he did not need to use torture or coercion to get the kaasht to join him. He simply trained the kaasht, and when he deemed he was ready, they both set out again, splitting up and searching for more multi-breeds. It wasn't long before they were both back, each with two kaasht this time. They trained these four, then when they were ready, they and the first disciple of Falcon went out in the world in search of more.

Falcon personally saw to the training of his first Protectors, and when they were ready, he sent them out to search for more multi-breeds and to now help the world. It took many years before he got enough kaasht to relax a bit and let others help train. Always though, Falcon meets each recruit and sends each of them out on their first missions. Often times he mingles with his Protectors, and jokes with them and keeps them comfortable.

Their base, which started out small, grew like Chameleons, and quickly. Barracks, mess halls, and other such necessities were made. There are also rooms for prayer and such other things that kaasht find the necessities to do. Falcon cares deeply for his Protectors, although he is closer to some that others. Like Chameleon, he considers them his family, but not in the same way that Chameleon does.

Falcon, also like Chameleon, has many kits in the world. Many he knows about, and many, like himself, are multi-breeds and are often recruited into the Protectors. If they are single breeds though, he doesn't kill them like Chameleon, but will instead ask them if they wish to stay and perhaps learn from the Protectors. Many Protectors have families, and many family lines can be traced through the history of the Protectors. Over the many years, the Protectors has grown quite large, with over 1500 members known to exist. They have more than the Guild, but then they do more than the Guilders and more multi-breeds exist than multi-colors.

Falcons one dream is to keep the kaasht world safe and help others. His main goal though is the one that was given to him by the Elementals... keep Chameleon away from their Sacred Names. He follows this duty relentlessly and does everything he can to thwart Chameleon. Falcon knows that he and Chameleon play a dangerous game of chess and cat and mouse, but if it helps the world, its worth it to him.

Protector Ranks and Positions
Like in the Guild, a kaasht does not begin to train for the Protectors until he or she is 40 years old. Also like in the Guild, training lasts for around 25 years, and fully trained Protectors are rarely less than 65 years old.

Protector ranks are as follows:

: Those hybrids that have been freshly recruited to the organisation and are in training.

Cadets: Recruits that have completed their training.

Lieutenants: The standard soldier. Cadets are promoted to full Protectors after successfully completing their second assignment, or their first year of duty (for those that aren't warriors).

Veterans: Protectors that have completed numerous assignments successfully.

Aces: The best of the best, these Protectors have completed countless assignments not only successfully, but also with extreme efficiency and minimal losses. Not many Protectors make it to this rank; currently there are only around 70 Aces-that's about 2% of the current Protector force.

Protector positions are as follows:

: The 'default' position for Protectors. These kaasht are fairly independent, acting of their own volition when not assigned a specific mission by Falcon, or under the command of a Captain.

Agents: Those Protectors that are also multicolour might find themselves trained to be an Agent: the Protector counterbalance to the Guild's Imitators.

Captains: Some Protector Adepts and Aces may be appointed to head of one of the many Protector outposts scattered across Tryne, or to lead of their own squad of Soldiers.

Guardians: The Guardians are assigned to defend those likely to be targeted by Guilders, such as the Elders of Alcaine.

Guides: These kaasht are those either too old or unwilling to go out and fight Guilders, but still want to help the organization in some way. Since the Protector headquarters is buried deep in a mountainside and protected by a labyrinthine web of tunnels, Guides are trained to memorise the way in and out of the base, so as to guide Protectors where they need to go.

Heralds: Some kaasht not inclined to fighting receive the job of Herald. Though Falcon has the ability to mentally communicate to any of his followers, he does not have the time to always do so, and thus the Heralds exist to relay information throughout the organization.

Instructors: These kaasht train recruits how to fight and what it means to be a Protector, among other lessons.

Liberators: The Liberators steal kits from the Guild's Fetchers, and try to help unwilling Guilders escape the organization. This is a fairly new branch in terms of the Protectors' history, and is only now starting to see repeated success.

Medics: Pacifists and golds are often assigned the position of Medic. These kaasht are responsible for keeping their kin in fighting condition, and are usually kept safely in bases, though a few go out on missions with other Protectors as Field Medics.

Recruiters: These kaasht are those whose sole job is to recruit other hybrids to the Protectors. Recruiters are stationed in cities, where hybrid births are common. A diplomatic tongue is a must for this position.

Sentries: Sentries are those Protectors given a precise area to protect, such as a city or outpost.