Kaasht don't know the precious existance of metals so they use a different kind of currency. They instead use claws and teeth of other kaasht. Each type of kaasht has a different value on their teeth and claws. Also there is no way for kaasht to duplicate or fake teeth or claws... or none that is known of yet. Anyway their value goes:

Plains Kaasht Forest Kaasht Beach Kaasht Plateau Kaasht Valley Kaasht Desert Kaasht Mountain Kaasht Marsh Kaasht Sky Kaasht Tundra Kaasht Cave Kaasht Old Mystics
Extremely Low Low Low Low Low Low Medium Medium Medium High High Extremely High

Half breed teeth and claws don't really exist in the kaasht world. Basically its either one type of kaasht or another, so half breed claws are either one or the other...usually the one worth less. The joy of merchants.