Stuck for a character idea? Here you can find a selection of characters of many different species and colours to adopt and play. To adopt one, email Aeireono and Phoenix, the approvers, at and ask if the character is taken, If not, then they're yours, and you get to fill in the rest of the character sheet for yourself. Whatever's missing, abilities, bio - you get to fill them in yourself. Once you're done, simply submit the character sheet as you would a normal one. Enjoy!

Akashishi Male red Old Mystic
Aokeni Female orange Old Mystic
Caereggan Male blue Mountain kaasht
Caertego Male iridescent Sky kaasht
Deej Female green Valley kaasht
Doshukko Male green Marsh kaasht
Ehrraha Male mundane (or between colours) Lunar kaasht
Gouldian Male purple Cave kaasht
Hikage Female red/iridescent Plains kaasht
Juttanse Female yellow Cave kaasht
Larisset Female yellow Valley kaasht
Lenau Female silver Plateau kaasht
Oaisane Female white Isle kaasht
Orsceri Female black mundane Beach/Tundra kaasht

Ahdaat Short tailed Lesser minling
Claohrru Greater minena
Coneide Long tailed Lesser minena
Eikiner Greater minena
Locuso Long tailed Lesser minena
Maldae Short tailed Lesser minena
Ntambwe Short tailed Lesser minena
Pandu Short tailed Lesser minena/Greater minena
Phaemure Long tailed Lesser minena
Rhuiha Long tailed Lesser minling
Skandi Long tailed Lesser minena
Tokesko Greater minena
Tsoko Long tailed Lesser minena
Veri Long tailed Lesser minena