To make a new Coronakaasht character, please email the information below to, and either Aeireono or Phoenix will approve your character (or tell you what to change, should you need to fix anything). Don't forget that your character must be approved before you can play him/her.

If you are new here, please read the rules and Character Creation Tutorial first.

Kaasht's name:

Kaasht's gender:

Kaasht's age and level:

Kaasht's length:

Kaasht's height:

Kaasht's species (Please do not make a multibreed as your first character):

Kaasht's automatic species ability/abilities:

Kaasht's colour (Please do not make a multicolour as your first character):

Kaasht's automatic colour ability/abilities:

Kaasht's other abilities:

Kaasht's physical description:

(Optional but STRONGLY RECCOMENDED) Kaasht's history/personality:

(Optional) Kaasht's pet (if the pet is a murin, please send in a seperate form for him/her - the sheet can be found here):

Is your kaasht a Guilder, Protector or neither?

Is your kaasht a New Mystic? (Any Silver non-Old Mysic kaasht, with the exception of silver Lunars, is a New Mystic)

Is your kaasht a Mundane? (Albinos, greys, whites, blacks and browns without colored markings, and solid-colored kaasht are Mundane and cannot use their color ability. They tend to be weak in their abilities, have fewer than a normal kaasht and sometimes they cannot use them at all.)

Your name and email:

You may also attach a template of your character if you like. This is optional, although it would be appreciated. Please - send templates in either GIF or JPG format. Our inbox only allows 2 megs of space, and BMP files eat this up very quickly.