A kaasht's abilities depend on several factors - its age, its species, and its colour. To work out your kaasht's abilities, first note those factors down, and read carefully. The ability system may seem complex at first sight - in truth, it's quite simple so long as you know how it all works.

Automatic species ability: each kaasht species has an automatic ability - every member of the species has this ability. EG: all Cave kaasht have the ability Cat Eyes, all Forest kaasht have the ability Chameleon's Cloak. The automatic species abilities do not take up very much energy, and the kaasht can usually keep them going for as long as they are conscious.

Colour ability: Obviously, this ability is determined by the kaasht's colour. Read the Colour Abilities page for more information as to how these abilities work. Colour abilities take up a lot of energy - more so than most abilities do.

Other abilities: A kit is born with 10 abilities, not counting the auto species ability and the colour ability. As the kaasht grows, it will gain more abilities as it levels up - either one or two per level, or sometimes none at all. At Level 8, a kaasht can have a maximum of 24. Choose these abilities from both the All Kaasht Abilities page and from the page for your kaasht's species. EG: if you are making a Cave kaasht, choose some of the abilities from the All Kaasht Abilities page, and some from the Cave kaasht Abilities page. How many you take from each section is completely up to you.

The following chart shows the number of other abilities a kaasht may have at each level. The only exceptions to this rule are halfbreed kaasht, and mundane kaasht - scroll down for more information on those.

Level Number of abilities
1 (0-24 years) 10
2 (25-49 years) 10-12
3 (50-74 years) 10-14
4 (75-99 years) 10-16
5 (100-124 years) 10-18
6 (125-149 years) 10-20
7 (150-174 years) 10-22
8 (175 years onward) 10-24

How much energy these abilities take up varies, according to what the ability does, how strong the kaasht is, and how experienced it is in using the ability. Things like Razor Claws only use a little energy, while abilities like Healing Touch or Shield tend to take more energy. Abilities listed as 'rare' take up the most energy - hence why few kaasht learn them. A kaasht can fight for hours on end and not get tired, but they have to use their abilities wisely, conserving energy and being careful. Also, each ability can be used more than once, and in conjunction with other abilities.

How abilities are chosen
A kit's first abilities are random - and obviously, it cannot choose its auto species ability or colour ability, any more than it can choose its species or colour. As it grows, though, it has a limited control over its other abilities. If it really wants a certain ability, it has a chance of getting it in its next level - of course, they don't always get what they want - they may still end up with a random ability they hadn't chosen, especially if the wanted ability is rare.

Special cases
Lunar kaasht - Lunar kaasht are unique in the way that they learn abilities. They have few of their own abilities, but are able to learn abilities from other species of kaasht. They also change base colour with each level. Read more on the Lunar kaasht Abilities page.

Multicolour kaasht - Kaasht with more than one base colour and, obviously, more than one colour ability. Read more about them on the Colour Abilities page.

Mundanes - Dull coloured kaasht, or solid coloured kaasht with no markings. They have no colour ability, and their other abilities will usually be weaker too. Most mundanes have fewer abilities than a normal kaasht. Mundanes are fairly rare, and are often disliked and looked down on, though some breeds tend to be more tolerant than others. Read more about them on the Colour Abilities page.

Halfbreed kaasht - Halfbreed kaasht will have more abilities than normal kaasht. For example, say your character is a Beach/Valley mix. It will have two auto species abilities - the Beach one and the Valley one. They will also have twice as many other abilities than a normal kaasht, since they have two breeds in them - a level 8 will have a maximum of 48. Some of these abilities will be Beach abilities, some will be Valley abilities, and some will be all kaasht abilities. If you have a tribreed, you have triple the number of abilities, if you have a tetrabreed, you have four times the number... etc.

The following chart shows the number of abilities multibreed kaasht may have at any level, again not counting automatic species abilities or the colour ability

Level Half-breed
(0-4 abilities per level)
(0-6 abilities per level)
(0-8 abilities per level)
(0-10 abilities per level)
1 (0-24 years) 20 30 40 50
2 (25-49 years) 20-24 30-36 40-48 50-60
3 (50-74 years) 20-28 30-42 40-56 50-70
4 (75-99 years) 20-32 30-48 40-64 50-80
5 (100-124 years) 20-36 30-54 40-72 50-90
6 (125-149 years) 20-40 30-60 40-80 50-100
7 (150-174 years) 20-44 30-66 40-88 50-110
8 (174 years onwards) 20-48 30-72 40-96 50-120

Note: The maximum amount of breeds one kaasht can have in them is five - and that is extremely rare. (Yes, Falcon has the blood of every kaasht breed in him, but that was due to intervention by the Elementals - and, no, the Elementals aren't going to do that sort of thing again.) For example. should two tri-breeds have a kit, the kit will not have six breeds - one or two of the parents' breeds will not show, resulting in a kit with four or five breeds, or possibly even less.

IMPORTANT: Please ask permission before making your first halfbreed, or multicolour. Kaasht with a lot of breeds (or base colours) are only given out people who have some experiance with this RP. Sorry, but these characters are very powerful, and as such can only go to people can be trusted to use them responsibly. If you only want a multibreed for the sake of having a lot of abilities, please reconsider, and try reading this.