Lunar kaasht vary greatly from any other kaasht when it comes to both abilities and color abilities. Instead of receiving abilities like all other species of kaasht, they instead may learn theirs from other breeds. Of course they have a few of their own abilities, but most, if they want more, have to learn from other types of kaasht.

Lunars kits are born with the usual ten abilities (minus colour abilities and the automatic species ability, of course). These abilities will be a mixture of all kaasht abilities and Lunar abilities, just like any other kaasht breed. Of course, since there are so few Lunar abilities, they will probably have far more all kaasht abilities than Lunar ones.

Just like any other kaasht, they can receieve up to two more abilities per level. However, this is where things become different. The kaasht can choose to learn either Lunar abilities, all kaasht abilities, or abilities from another species of kaasht. The last choice takes a lot of work on the Lunar's part - and plus, they have to find a kaasht that is willing to teach them that species' abilities, which is most of the time more difficult than actually learning how to use them. Most end up with only a few other types of abilities from other species as it is so difficult to learn and find kaasht who are willing to help.

Halfbreed Lunars may also learn abilities from other kaasht. However, it is harder for them to learn foreign abilities, and when they do, the abilities tend to be weaker and harder to control. Halfbreed Lunars may not learn more than five foreign abilities.

Another difference when it comes to Lunar kaasht is their color abilities. Instead of staying one base color all their lives, they change color with each level. Only their base color changes, not any of the markings, and it can take anywhere from 3 to 10 years for their coat to completely change color and for them to learn their new color ability. As with all kaasht, they can only have the colour ability for the level and colour that they currently are at. Between colour changes, they have no colour ability and so are essentially Mundane. As a result of this, very very few are born bicolor, and as of yet, only one is known to exist. Halfbreed Lunars do not have the ability, or curse as many would call it, to change color, and instead remain only one color throughout their lives.

Mundane Lunars can exist. However, a normal coloured Lunar cannot become Mundane as one of their colour shifts - they will only be mundane between colours. True mundane Lunars are born mundane. They still change colour each level, but they can only change to mundane colours - they will never shift into a normally coloured kaasht.

Automatic Lunar Kaasht Ability:
Anti-gravity - The kaasht is able to float about like a murin for an unlimited amount of time

Foretell The kaasht is able to see a small piece of the future. Very rare
Lunacy Temporarily makes the kaasht's opponent insane, be it for better or worse
Lunar Dragon The kaasht can turn into a dragon that can foretell attacks, and can create an extremely powerful Shield and Shell than can either be used defensively or offensively. Becomes the same size as the kaasht
Moon Beam The kaasht can hurl beams of light at their opponent
Moon Blade The kaasht can make a blade made out of moonstone
Transfigure The kaasht can change into any living creature, regardless of size (unlike Shape Change)