While RPing it is imporant to be fair to other players and to avoid twinking. It doesn't matter if you are playing a battle scene or a simple conversation between two characters - fair RPing makes things enjoyable for everyone.

Twinking is mentined several times on the site. In short, twinking is being unfair. The following are all examples of twinking:

- Taking over another person's character - describing something they do, or something they are thinking. It doesn't matter how minor it is - don't do it. The ONLY exception to this is if the other player does not post within the required time limit (see Rules). Even then, you MUST be responsible.

- Attacking another person's char, and describing how much damage the other char takes. To be fair, at least give the other character a chance to dodge. This also goes the other way - dodging every single attack at your character is also twinking. More on that under Combat.

- Creating new characters to gain an unfair advantage. For example, if your character is injured in a fight, and you quickly create a gold kaasht to suddenly run in and heal your chracter so they can continue fighting - this is considered twinking.

Combat is probably the situation in which twinking occurs the most. Because of this, and because combat scenes are fairly common, it has its own section. In combat is it VERY important to be reasonable and aware of your characters strengths and weaknesses.

The number one rule: Your character is NOT invincible. They cannot die without your permission, but if you send them into a fight, it's highly likely that they'll take some damage. If you are worried about your character being hurt, do not send them into a fight in the first place.

When attacking: As stated before, do NOT post what happens to the character that is being attacked, as this is probably one of the worst forms of twinking. Try not to have your character let off more than two attack abilities in one post.

Also, remember that using abilities takes up energy. Your character cannot keep, say, ten abilites going at one time as it would exhaust and overwhelm them. A good number to try and stick to is about three or four abilities in one go. Weaker characters (eg kits) may only be able to keep less than that going, stronger ones, who have practised their abilities well, may be able to work with more, but not too many more. Even though Guilders do not tire from using their abilities, using them still requires concentration, and Guilders can still tire from physical exertion.

When being attacked: Do not dodge every single attack that comes your way. It's okay to dodge a few, but please have a reason for it - eg your character was using the Shell or Shield ability. If your character is a minena, they will have an immunity to magical attacks, but teeth, claws and physical weapons such as spears and arrows will affect them as much as they would any other creature. Your character does not have to die if you don't want them to, but they can still be injured, and unless they are a very good fighter, they probably will be. Since it is not possible over a messageboard to roll dice to determine the outcome of an attack, please be as reasonable as possible.

Creating powerful characters
Obviously, some types of characters in the Colour Spyral can be quite powerful - Guilders, for example, do not tire when using abilities. Multibreed kaasht have far more abilities than ordinary single-breed kaasht. For this reason, you cannot create a multibreed or multicolour if you are new to ths RP. Of course, when you get the hang of the game, you'll probably want to make a few - but again, it's important to be reasonable.

Yes, you can get kaasht with four or five breeds in them - which amounts to four or five times the amount of abilities a kaasht with just one breed would have. And yes, that's pretty cool, but still, be careful. If you want to make a powerful kaasht with four breeds, or something like that, then ask yourself - do they NEED to have that many breeds? Would they work just as well with just two breeds, perhaps even one? If you still want a strong character, then don't forget to pay good attention to their personality. In my mind, personality is the most important aspect of a character. It's one thing to have a character with a ton of abilities, but if they also have the personality of a rock, the novelty will soon wear off, and they won't be much fun to RP. Also remember that combat scenes might become too easy for your powerful character - what if they have an easy way out of everything? Wouldn't it be more fun to have to think your way out of a situation? This isn't to say that you can't make a powerful character if you want, but it's something that you should think carefully about first.

The various restrictions on characters are there so that important/powerful characters go to people who know and understand what they are doing. If you are given a restricted character, it is expected that you will use him/her responsibly. The restrictions do not exist in order to be 'mean' or 'elitist'. We're nice people, really! Don't let any of the rules put you off - we love to get new people, and good RPing isn't really difficult!