Yes, we do have a few rules for the RP. Hopefully they aren't too bad... we just ask that you read these through, or we'll sic Aeireono on you. Well, not really... we're nice people. Really. Just makes sure you follow these, and the game'll be a lot more enjoyable.

OOC Rules
Rule 1: Be polite to other people - admins and other players alike. No flaming or rude messages. If there's something you don't like or whatever, just post a polite message on the OOC board. If you'd rather keep it private, PM a moderator or admin using the forum, or send an email. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions or whatever - don't worry about 'looking stupid'. Besides, questions can also generate some interesting discussion, so everyone wins.

Rule 2: Try to keep OOC comments on the RP board to a minumum. If you want to ask questions, chat, say hi, whatever, then go to the OOC board. OOC on the RP board should be limited to comments on your RPs (eg clarification of what your character is doing, questions as to what someone else's character did, etc) and enclosed in brackets so that other players can tell it's an OOC comment.

Character Submission Rules
Rule 1: No more than one character per player every two months. In the past we've had problems with people sending in lots of characters within a short timespan, which creates a huge workload for the approvers. Note - kaasht/murin and minena/murin pairs count as only one character, since they are generally played together, as do two characters who are twins, parent/child pairs, or any other situation in which one char would normally almost always be played along with the other. Character pairs will generally be accepted on a case by case basis.

The one exception to this rule is for new people. You are allowed to send in your second character one month after you send your first, instead of two. After your second character, though, you have to wait the standard two months. The one month limit applied to the gap between first and second characters ONLY.

Rule 2: Character sheets are normally replied to within a few days of recieving them. If you don't hear from us after a week, then email us to ask if we got the sheet okay, but don't email us every day asking if the character is approved or not.

Rule 3: When submitting a character, please be aware that he/she may not be approved right away. In fact, many sheets aren't - perhaps there's a mistake in them, perhaps there's an inconsistency, etc etc. If we email you back asking you to perhaps change a few things, please do not be offended. Remember - it is not a personal attack on you, and we are not trying to say "you suck". We were merely trying to make sure that your character is suitable for the RP and hopefully give you a few tips. In other words - we are not 'mean', we are just trying to help. Don't be discouraged! If you feel you are being treat unfairly, please tell us politely - do not flame us, as that won't solve anything. How can you increase the chances of your character being accepted? Simple - just read through the essentials! (linked here) Make sure before submitting that you fully understand things such as abilities, what the different species are like, how they age, and what the rules are. Ask questions if you're unsure. Doing this saves a lot of time and trouble for both you and the character approvers!

Rule 4: No bios along the lines of "(name)'s parents were killed, so he/she wanders Tryne alone". They've become too cliche and overused. We can understand how you'd want to create a dramatic and interesting backstory, but it's not dramatic or interesting if it's been done over and over. If you do want to make a 'parents killed at an early age character', you can. but try and put some effort into the backstory. Try to write it into part of an interesting history, don't use it as a melodramatic sob-story. Also, no bios along the lines of "he/she does not talk about his/her past" or "unknown". Just because the character doesn't talk about their past doesn't mean to say that you shouldn't write one up for them. Even if he or she is secretive and does't tell much to the other characters, the char approvers still need to know what happened to them.

Rule 5: Coronakaasht younger than 36 years old (15 human years) and minena younger than mid-adolescent stage will not be approved unless they have another, older character to care for them. The carer need not be played - for example your character may simply be a part of a clan of NPCs, so that his or her parents are not played, but it's known that they at least exist and care for your character. Young characters should NOT be out wandering Tryne alone - they wouldn't be able to survive.

Younger characters aren't generally reccomended for RP, since there is very little they can do. You'd be better off with an older, more independent character most of the time.

IC Rules
Rule 1: Posts should be a decent length - try to make them as long as you possibly can. (Aim for about 3 paragraphs minimum) Basically, imagine that you are writing a story, with all the other people that you are RPing with. Imagine yourself as your character, and put in plenty of detail. Short posts are annoying - a few, if nothing much is happening to your character and you can't think of much to put in, are okay. A lot just gets annoying. Try also to use correct spelling and grammar. If you don't think you're very good at that, then just run your post through a spell checker first. DON'T use 'net speak' - eg typing 'u' instead of 'you', or using 'kewlzies' spelling. It doesn't impress anyone!

Rule 2: You must post your part in an RP thread within one week of the previous post. If not, then the other people in the thread may take limited control of your character. They may not kill off your character or make them leave the thread, but they may still have some control.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you have to take control of another person's character, please be sensible. Don't do anything silly or wildly out of character. Be responsible, look up their bio, try to make them act in character, and try not to do too much or make any important desicions with them.

If you miss out on three posts, then your character will be removed from active play in that thread and ignored. They may rejoin again if you return to posting, though. If you know you'll be away or otherwise unable to post, please let us know in advance, and we won't do these things. We'll also try and make exceptions for unforeseen emergency situations that prevent you from posting, as the last thing we want to do is punish people for not posting due to something they can't control!

No, this isn't the nicest rule, but we've had problems in the past with slow postings (hell, I'm guilty of it!). We figured we needed some stronger rules to fix that.

Rule 3: Don't expect anyone to reply to your posts right away. This is a message board RP, not a chat RP. It can take a while for people to reply. Don't feel bad about it.

Rule 4: This is more of a guideline than a rule, but it helps to have some contact with the other people you are playing with, via email, PM, or IM, and some idea of where your thread is going. Playing a thread completely at random isn't for everyone, and these threads frequently fizzle out with no real direction. Communication can solve this problem.

Rule 5: Your character can be in only one thread at a time. If you have them in more than one, it kind of messes up the continuity.

Rule 6: This one's for the new people. Please don't make a multibreed or multicolour kaasht as your first character. These characters are more powerful than ordinary kaasht and so... well, they're not really suitable for new people. And please ask before you make your first multicolour or multibreed - preferably before writing up a character sheet if possible. (Note: By 'new' we mean new to this RP, not new to RPing in general)

Rule 7: Please do not introduce alien species into the RP, either as characters, pets, or some form of wildlife. If it isn't mentioned on the site, it doesn't exist on Tryne. Tryne is a closed system - its inhabitants cannot 'teleport' to other words, nor can characters from other worlds enter Tryne. On the same note, please don't introduce any type of magic besides the abilities listed on the site.

Rule 8: Common sense, really, but please make sure that you've read through the Fair RPing Guide. (It's so big, it really needed a section of its own). Also, don't forget to take a look through the Basics, especially if you're new to messageboard RPs. Remember - learning about what you're doing BEFORE sending in your sheet and RPing saves everyone a lot of trouble.