There are thirteen different main kaasht colors. 'Main' means that it is the color that most their body is. This doesn't include stripes, spots or other markings (Kaasht often have different colors on them, like on their feet or tail, but it is only their base color that matters). The base colors cover all colors in that spectrum - eg pink or deep maroon would be under red, while cerulean, or sky blue would be under blue.

Coronakaashts have no specific coloration patterns. Males and females can be any color. Their color doesn't affect any of their other abilities, just the color ability. Also, their color does not come from their parents. A blue Coronakaasht can have a green parent, and black parent. It doesn't matter.

Anyway, each base color has its own little ability. They go from level 1, which are the weakest, and are the ones that level 1 Coronakaashts have, while level 8 is for the oldest, and strongest kaasht. A kaasht can only have the color ability for the level it is at. For example, a level 2 green kaasht will have Thorn, not Thorn and Sprout as well. Gold kaasht are an exception - scroll down for details.

Black - Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Orange - Green - White - Silver - Gold - Iridescent - Translucent - Copper

Notes and special cases:
Bicolors - These are kaasht with more than one base color. Both colors are generally evenly distributed across the body. Bicolors will have two color abilities, and are rarer than single-colored kaasht.

Tricolors - Kaasht with three base colors, again, evenly distributed across the body. These kaasht will have three color abilities, and are extremely rare.

Both bicolors and tricolors are sought after by the Guild. Therefore, if you plan on making a multicolor kaasht, make sure that they are either a Guild member, or are being hunted down by the Guild. It is possible to have kaasht when even more than three base colours, but these are so rare that few kaasht outside of the Guild even know they can exist. Most are related to Chameleon in some way.

Mundanes - Mundane kaasht are generally dull-colored kaasht - greys, browns, whites and blacks without colored markings. Albinos and solid colored kaasht without markings are also considered Mundane. A kaasht will also be mundane if all of its markings are shades of the same colour - for example, a light blue kaasht whose markings are all darker blue is mundane. Mundane kaasht cannot use their color ability, and may be weaker with their other abilities. They often have fewer abilities than a normal kaasht. Most kaasht species look down on mundanes, although some are more tolerant than others.

If you are unsure as to whether a certain colour combination is Mundane or not, just ask.

Level 1 Acid Blade 1 Basically the kaasht has a blade made of slightly corrosive acid
Level 2 Acid Blade 2 Same thing, but the acid is more corrosive... also the acid does not affect the invoker
Level 3 Acid Blade 3 Same thing, but the blade is now even more corrosive... it can erode wood
Level 4 Acid Blade 4 Same thing, but the blade can now erode rock
Level 5 Acid Slash The kaasht rears up on his hind legs and swipes down his paws, causing 8 lines of highly corrosive acid to be flung at the enemy
Level 6 Acid Bite The kaasht bites down on anything, and whatever it bites down on begins to immediately erode
Level 7 Acid Blade 5 This is so corrosive that if it even touches its enemy, a burning hole is instantly caused
Level 8 Acid Kaasht Basically the whole of the kaasht body becomes acid, and to touch it is to have that part of your body instantly burned off

Level 1 Electric Spark A medium sized electric spark is blasted at the enemy by the invoker
Level 2 Electric Shock More powerful than 'electric spark', it gives a serious jolt of electricity
Level 3 Electric Shock 2 A small forked lightning bolt is shot at the enemy
Level 4 Lightning Bolt The kaasht shoots a larger bolt that can knock an enemy unconscious
Level 5 Lightning Shock A more serious form of 'lightning bolt' it can knock an enemy unconscious for hours or kill them
Level 6 Electric Blade A deadly blade made out of electricity, a touch of the blade can render unconscious or kill
Level 7 Lightning Ball The kaasht focuses, and a large ball of sparking lightning forms between its paws and is directed at the enemy
Level 8 Body Spark The whole of the kaasht body becomes electricity, which he can shoot at his enemy

Level 1 Feather Fire Sparks of fire erupt around the body of an enemy
Level 2 Hot Foot The paws of the kaasht erupt into fire which burn what it touches
Level 3 Rain of Fire Flames shoot from the sky at the enemy
Level 4 Fire's Fury A blast of fire erupts from the ground under or around an enemy
Level 5 Flaming Fire The kaasht lights a 25 ft fire around the enemy
Level 6 Dragon's Breath The kaasht breathes in, and then breathes out a flame that jets for 35 ft
Level 7 Demon's Glare Flames about 50 ft tall spew from the ground around the enemy, followed by bubbling magma
Level 8 Inner Fire The whole of the kaasht body bursts into flames, and melts anything that it touches

Level 1 Water Breath The kaasht breathes water at its enemy
Level 2 Water Kaasht The kaasht dissolves into water and attacks its enemy by stealth and ambush
Level 3 Water Blast A medium blast of water is shot at the enemy
Level 4 Water Blast 2 A larger blast of water which can knock the enemy unconscious
Level 5 Water Cannon This ability is the more powerful form of 'blast 1 and 2', and can kill the enemy
Level 6 Boiling Body The kaasht turns into boiling water, surrounds the enemy, and burns or scalds it, potentially killing it
Level 7 Water Wave A giant wave of water comes out of nowhere and splashes down onto the enemy
Level 8 Water Serpent The kaasht changes into a giant water dragon, and attacks its enemy

Level 1 Twinkle This ability causes bright flashes to surround the enemy, confusing it
Level 2 Twinkle 2 A more powerful form of Twinkle, it can temporarily blind
Level 3 Flare A bright light is shot at the enemy, surrounds it, and drains its energy
Level 4 Flier Flare Same thing, but instead of draining the enemy's energy, it teleports it many miles away
Level 5 Deep Dark A void of darkness surrounds the enemy
Level 6 Deeper Dark Same thing, but the darkness surrounds everything in a 1 mile radius
Level 7 Star The kaasht sucks up any light in the area, which converges in it, and causes the kaasht to be as bright and as hot as a star
Level 8 Solar Flare All the surrounding light is sucked up into the kaasht, then the kaasht lets light burst forth in a deadly shockwave

Level 1 Bellow The kaasht bellows a loud roar that slightly stuns the enemy
Level 2 Bellow 2 More powerful than 'Bellow' it can knock an enemy off its feet
Level 3 Sonic Scream The kaasht screams which causes a shock wave
Level 4 Sonic Scream 2 A stronger form of 'Sonic Scream'
Level 5 Thunder The kaasht stomps its front paws on the ground, sending shock waves at the enemy
Level 6 Sonic Scream 3 This stronger form of 'Sonic Scream 2' can knock the enemy unconscious and cause temporary deafness
Level 7 Sonic Sound The kaasht claps its paws together and conjures up a huge shock waves that it sends at its enemy
Level 8 Sonic Body The kaasht becomes invisible and literally becomes sound, and attacks it enemy with deadly shock waves and sonic booms

Level 1 Sprout Small shoots come up beneath the kaasht enemy, irritating its feet, not allowing it to stay in one place
Level 2 Thorn Small vines whip at the enemy... the vines are covered in sharp thorns
Level 3 Vine 1 Vines wrap around the enemy's legs
Level 4 Vine 2 The vines are stronger and can wrap around the enemy's torso
Level 5 Vine 3 More powerful, the vines wrap around the enemy's whole body... except its tail
Level 6 Encompass Vines encompass the enemy's whole body
Level 7 Thorn 2 Stronger form of Thorn... except the thorns are tipped with a paralyzing poison that can be deadly
Level 8 Death Plant The kaasht is able to assume a plant/animal form in which it can control all the plants in the vicinity. This enables the Kaasht to make every plant poisonous to the touch

Level 1 Cloud A small cloud envelopes the enemy's head
Level 2 Cloud 2 A stronger, thicker, larger form of 'Cloud'
Level 3 Cloud 3 A cloud envelopes the enemy's body
Level 4 Cloud 4 A thicker, heavier cloud that envelopes the enemy's body
Level 5 Cloud 5 The cloud is thicker and restricts movement and breathing
Level 6 Solid Cloud Like 'Cloud 5', the cloud actually solidifies around the enemy's body
Level 7 Storm Cloud Like 'Cloud 5', but creates a storm inside the cloud
Level 8 Cloud Kaasht The kaasht turns into a mixture of air and clouds, which is difficult to see, and allows the kaasht to solidify the air around the enemy, or make it much heaving, crushing the kaasht.

A word about silver kaasht - Silver kaasht are very rare. A silver kaasht who is not an Old Mystic will be taken away from their family and trained as a New Mystic. The only exceptions to this rule are silver Lunar kaasht, as the Mystics see no point in training a kaasht that will only remain silver for one level. Therefore, if you are going to make a silver kaasht who is not an Old Mystic or a Lunar, please make sure they are a New Mystic. For details, look at the Old Mystic page.

Level 1 Spirit Light The kaasht gives off an eerie glow
Level 2 Spirit Kaasht A ghostly kaasht-like shape appears and either leads away the enemy or frightens it away
Level 3 Transport The kaasht is able to transport itself within a mile radius of where it was standing
Level 4 Transport 2 The kaasht is able to transport itself within a five mile radius of where it was standing
Level 5 Transport 3 The kaasht is able to transport itself within a ten mile radius of where it was standing
Level 6 Truth of the Spirit The kaasht is able to make their enemies see all of the truths of all the wrongs they have done
Level 7 Spirit Beam The kaasht is able to fire multiple beams of Spirit Energy at its enemy
Level 8 Spirit Bomb Spiritual Energy is collected from everything within a ten mile radius and is concentrated into a huge spiritual ball which is then hurled at the enemy

A word about gold kaasht - Gold kaasht are healers. All the abilities of the gold color are healing abilities, instead of attacks. Unlike the rest of the colors, gold abilities are cumulative i.e. a level 4 kaasht could use Antidote AND the three abilities that preceded it. The higher the ability, though, the more it drains the Kaasht using it. After using Breath of Life, for example, the kaasht cannot use another of its color abilities for a week. Be Whole requires an overnight rest, Lend Strength requires a few hours rest and a good meal, and all other abilities require no more than a couple hours rest. Younger kaasht also require more rest after using a gold ability. Bicolor kaasht require the most rest.

Bicolor kaasht are very rarely part gold, and when they are, their healing abilities are much weaker than those of a pure gold. Breath of Life has a 75% chance of failure when used by a Bicolor, and if it fails, the Bicolor cannot try again (well, they can, but it won't have any effect).

Tricolors cannot be part gold.

Level 1 Feel Better The kaasht can ease the pain of everyday illnesses
Level 2 Be Well The kaasht can heal everyday illnesses
Level 3 Knit Flesh The kaasht can close normal wounds
Level 4 Antidote The kaasht can heal poisoned or infected wounds
Level 5 Correction The kaasht can properly set and heal broken bones
Level 6 Lend Strength The kaasht can restore lost vitality and energy
Level 7 Be Whole The kaasht can restore lost limbs and vitals
Level 8 Breath of Life The kaasht can call the Spirit back into the body of someone who has recently died, but only if they haven't been resurrected before. In other words, a kaasht can be resurrected once and ONLY once.

A word about iridescent kaasht - Iridescents can appear as any color, but their base color appears to shimmer in the light - think of a peacock or a pigeon's head feathers.

The colour that an iridescent appears as does NOT have any influence over its colour abilities. An iridescent blue kaasht has no blue colour abilities, and so on. Multicolour kaasht can still be part iridescent, though (eg Sear)

Level 1 Copy The kaasht is able to make a perfect image of another kaasht that they have touched over themselves
Level 2 Copy 2 The kaasht is able to make a perfect image of another kaasht that they have seen over themselves
Level 3 Disrupt The kaasht is able to disrupt three of their enemy's abilities
Level 4 Disrupt 2 The kaasht is able to disrupt 1/4 of their enemy's abilities
Level 5 Disrupt 3 The kaasht is able to disrupt 1/2 of their enemy's abilities
Level 6 Chaos The is able to disrupt 1/2 of their enemy's abilities and use them against the enemy
Level 7 Sacrifice The kaasht is able to disrupt 3/4 of the enemy's abilities and use them against the enemy
Level 8 Total Annhilation The kaasht is able to disrupt all of the enemy's abilities and cause as many of them as they want to be used against them

A word about translucent kaasht - Translucent kaasht have translucent fur (no, their entire bodies aren't see-through!). This means that the kaasht's skin color shows through, but due to the translucent fur over it, it appears dull and muted. For example a translucent kaasht with blue skin will appear to be a muted blue kaasht. Markings may be translucent, but they don't have to be. The translucent effect is most visible in areas with long fur, such as tails or manes.

As with iridescents, the colour that a translucent kaasht appears to be does not affect its colour abilities. A translucent blue kaasht doesn't have blue colour abilities - it's just a translucent. Multicolours can still be part translucent, though (eg Riamorr)

Level 1 Twitch The kaasht makes the enemy's muscles spasm uncontrollably
Level 2 Twitch 2 The kaasht makes the enemy's muscles spasm uncontrollably and painfully
Level 3 Add On The kaasht is able to add 5 of their own species abilities or any kaasht ability that they don't have for a period of one day
Level 4 Add On More The kaasht is able to add 10 of their own species abilities or any kaasht ability that they don't have for a period of one day
Level 5 Evolve The kaasht is able to get the next color ability and 2 new abilities for a day
Level 6 Solid Anything within 50 feet of the kaasht turns into a rock
Level 7 Become More The kaasht is able to become a dual colored kaasht and has all of his color and species abilities
Level 8 Supreme Being The kaasht becomes a tri-colored kaasht and has all of the 3 color abilities, as well as all the species abilities of 3 different types of kaasht

Level 1 Chill Causes a kaasht to feel a disturbing chill (aka gives it the creeps)
Level 2 Hallucination Causes a kaasht to see illusionary things - the kaasht may or may not believe the illusion is real
Level 3 Nightmare Similar to Hallucination, but the illusion is more real & believable
Level 4 Decay Blade The invoker can use a blade which causes flesh to rot at a touch
Level 5 Gangrene The invoker can cause flesh to decay simply by touching another kaasht
Level 6 Zombie Call The invoker calls dead creatures/kaasht (even skeletons & fossils) within about a 30 yard radius to life, which then attack
Level 7 Touch of Death Gangrene, but the decay spreads rapidly through the kaasht which it touches, and even the bones start to decompose
Level 8 Necromancy Like Zombie Call, but all dead things within a mile can be summoned