These templates are small black and white images of each species of kaasht and minena. You can colour these in a paint program - useful for figuring out a character's colour scheme. If you've made a template of your character and want it to be used on their bio page, email it in with their character sheet.

If you have a halfbreed character, you can combine the templates of both breeds if you like.

A note - the templates were created by Laura Young (Shavahi). You may post your own coloured versions of the templates on your site as long as you remember to credit the original artist.

These templates are 2-colour GIF images. In order to colour them, you'll need to increase the colour depth. In Photoshop, select Image>Mode>RGB Color. In Paint Shop Pro, select Colors>Increase Color Depth>16 Million Colors.

Adult kaasht templates:
Beach Kaasht Male Female
Cave Kaasht Male Female
Desert Kaasht Male Female
Forest Kaasht Male Female
Isle Kaasht Male Female
Lunar Kaasht Male Female
Marsh Kaasht Male Female
Mountain Kaasht Male Female
Old Mystic Male Female
Plains Kaasht Male Female
Plateau Kaasht Male Female
Sky Kaasht Male Female
Tundra Kaasht Male Female
Valley Kaasht Male Female

Kit templates:
Desert or Cave kit Male Female
Isle kit Male Female
Marsh kit Male Female
Tundra kit Male Female
Sky kit Male Female
Any other breed Male Female

Adult minena templates:
Greater Minena
Lesser Minena (short tailed)
Lesser Minena (long tailed)

Minling templates:
Greater minling
Lesser minling (short tailed)
Lesser minling (long tailed)

Pibbit (larger wings)
Pibbit (smaller wings)
Pibbit (smaller wings, lop ears)
Guard fleepip
'Lap' fleepip