Just a simple walkthrough detailing the character forms a bit more, as well as giving a few (hopefully!) useful hints.

Name: Pretty self explanatory. As a note - the name does not HAVE to sound like it came from one of Tryne's languages, though it can if you'd like. The languages are mainly there just for fun. You can also, say, use your imagination and come up with a random collection of letters that you think sound nice, or maybe derive a name from a foreign Earth language. Do NOT use English Earth names, or the name of a character from a movie/TV show/video game/book/etc. The purpose of the game is to play a character of your own creation, not somebody else's. Be creative!

Gender: Again, self explanatory.

Age and level (for kaasht)/age and life stage (for minena): Make sure you know how aging works for the species you are making. Read up on Species (to see what age corresponds to what level/life stage)
Try to avoid making a Coronakaasht younger than mid-level 2, or a minena younger than mid Adolecsent stage, unless they have someone to care for them. Remember that at these ages, they are the equivalant of human children, and unless you have a good reason, they probably shouldn't be out wandering Tryne alone, as they would have a very hard time surviving. You may think the idea of your character being abandoned at a very young age and left to fend for themselves is interesting and dramatic, but in reality, the character wouldn't survive for very long unless an adult found them. Kits and minlings cannot raise themselves alone!

Length and Height: Also self explanatory, check the species page for details of how big a kaasht or minena is as a certain age. Your character can be slightly bigger/smaller than the sizes give, but not by too much, unless your character is something really unusual like a 'dwarf'.

To help you: Most species of Coronakaasht are slightly taller than they are long (eg about a foot taller). The proportions are reversed for Marsh kaasht, who are about a foot longer than they are tall. Tundra kaasht have dachshund-like proportions, being very short and long. Isle kaasht are also shorter than they are long (proportions similar to a real cat). Minena are about as tall as they are long. There shouldn't be any more than a foot's difference between a minena's length and his height.

Species (for kaasht)/Race (for minena): Simple. If you have a kaasht, what type of kaasht? (Please remember - if you are new to this RP, don't make a kaasht with more than one breed) If you have a minena, is it a Greater or a Lesser? Read up on your chosen species' Society page so as to get a feel for their culture before you make your character - it helps!

Automatic species ability (Coronakaasht only): This is the automatic species ability that each kaasht of that species has - eg Falcon Eyes for Sky kaasht, Chameleon's Cloak for Forest kaasht, etc. (This is NOT where you put any of your character's other abilities!)

Kaasht's color (Coronakaasht only): This is your character's base colour - ie, the colour that covers most of its body. (Again, if you're new to this RP, don't make a bicolor - like halfbreeds, they are very powerful)

Kaasht's automatic color ability (Coronakaasht only): Read up on base colors and color abilities here

Kaasht's other abilities (Coronakaasht only): The rest of your Coronakaasht's abilities. Read up on how they work here

Physical description: So, what does your character look like? Markings, peircings, build, etc... you get the idea. If you are not submitting your own template, please try to provide a detailed, clear description of your character so we know what he/she looks like (eg: don't just say your character is black with green markings or whatever - try tell us what they look like). You should get your template in anywhere up to a week after your character is approved, depending on how busy we are (they do take time!). Try not to keep asking us if your template's done. It will be done in time, be patient.

History and personality: This is optional - some people like to start out with a full bio, others fill it in later after playing the character for a while. All the same, it's probably a good idea to have at least a vague idea of what your character is like and where they are from/what they do beforehand, even if you don't write it down.

A few tips on creating character backgrounds and personalities: First of all, your character should NOT be 'perfect'. A character who can do absolutely anything is not only unrealistic but annoying, and should be avoided. Think about what sort of weaknesses and faults your character might have as well as what they are good at! A character with well rounded strengths and weaknesses is far more fun to play than a character who can easily find a way out of any situation.

Also, try to stay clear of certain overused concepts. The "(name) lost his/her parents and raised himself/herself alone etc etc" bio has been done to death. It IS possible to have a good character who actually had a happy past and still-living parents! We're not saying you can't have abandoned chars with horribly tragic pasts, but at least try to put some effort into them instead of making them look like 'yet another angsty orphan'.

Pet: Some kaasht and minena like to keep pets - the most popular pet species are listed here, however, some kaasht and minena might keep another species. You can read up on the rest of Tryne's wildlife here and here. Be realistic, though - your character is hardly going to be able to keep something like a gurgan! It might also be a good idea to explain how your character got their pet, especially if they have a murin or something unusual.

Is your kaasht a Guilder, Protector, or neither? (Coronakaasht only): Unless your character is a halfbreed or bicolour, you shouldn't need to worry about this - put 'neither'. If not, read on:

If you have a bicolor: The Guild is an organisation of bicolours dedicated to creating chaos across Tryne. Read up on them here. If you have a bicolour character, they should either be a Guilder, or be hunted down by the Guild. Remember that Chameleon, the leader of the Guild, is attempting to recruit every multicolored kaasht on Tryne. You can have a bicolored kaasht who attempts to avoid the Guild, but remember, they're going to have a tough time of it!

If you have a halfbreed: The Protectors is an organisation of multibreed kaasht who attempt to protect Tryne from the Guild. Read up on them here. If you have a multibreed kaasht, they should either be a Protector, or you should plan to make them run into the Protectors at some time.

Remember that fully-trained Guilders and Protectors shouldn't be less than 65 years old.

Is your kaasht a New Mystic? (Coronakaasht only): As it says on the form - "Any Silver non-Old Mystic is a New Mystic." Any New Mystic will be taken from their family when they are young by the Old Mystics and raised by them. Read more here and here. (Please don't assume that Mystics are 'evil kit-stealing monsters' - they're far from it! They have good reasons behind what they do.) Don't forget that silver Lunars are an exception to this rule and are not taken away, as they shift colours each level.

Is your kaasht a Mundane? (Coronakaasht only): As said on the form: "Albinos, greys, whites, blacks & browns without colored markings, and solid-colored kaasht are Mundane and cannot use their color ability. They tend to be weak in their abilities and sometimes they cannot use them at all, or have fewer than a normal kaasht." There is a short section on Mundanes and example pictures on the Color Abilities page. Remember that if you have a Mundane, they will often be looked down upon by normal coloured kaasht. However, levels of mundane-tolerance vary from species to species, so make sure you read up carefully on your chosen kaasht species. Whilst Minena can be dull coloured, there is no such thing as a mundane minena, as they do not have magical abilities to begin with.

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