December 3rd

And we're open again!

The character applications are back up and a lot of adoptables have been added, so if you're looking for ideas, go there. The IC News section is also up - please read it, it's important!

Also, for anyone who missed yesterday's update, the Rules and FAQ have had a few updates too - so please read those as well. Have fun with the new board!

December 2nd

The site and RP are still on hiatus, but in preperation for the reopening, some changes have been made. There is a new forum - the old ones are now retired. The Rules are FAQ have also had a few small updates, so it's reccomended that you have a look through them again. The RP will reopen soon, and when it does, character applications will resume and the IC News section will be made available.

November 25th

The website and RP are currently on hiatus. For details of new development, please see the RP and OOC boards.

July 4th

New chararacters yet again!

Multicolours: Loke
Desert Kaasht: Natch
Plateau Kaasht: Brizeadan

Tryne has just had a makeover! Phoenix kindly generated a new set of maps to replace the old ones. They're quite different, though, so don't forget to take a look and see what's new! Don't worry, all the cities and stuff are still there. Hope you like them!

March 22nd

The usual new characters...

Halfbreeds: Rail, Ralannes
Multicolors: Chaamraa, Nimmith
Forest Kaasht: Kendyl
Plains Kaasht: Angel, Berari, Raishikyuu
Cave Kaasht: Vole
Beach Kaasht: Eikou
Marsh Kaasht: Efeu, Lux
Plateau Kaasht: T'Keem
Lunar Kaasht: Shemeiti
Murin: Cheyri, Luccicare, Maanaa

There have been new Isle tribes and religions added to their respective pages. All in preperation for...

The new Isle kaasht plot! We need characters for "A Small Religion", so if you've ever wanted to make an Isle, now's the time! Just look under Plots for the info. Special thanks to Gayle for creating this wonderful new storyline!

We also have information up about a new organisation for kaasht and minena - the Cohort. Again, thanks to Gayle for making all this stuff up!