Name: Raanrali
Gender: Female
Age: 151 (Level 7)
Species: Cave/Mountain/Valley Kaasht
Height: 8'
Length: 7'7"
Base Colour: Translucent
Colour Ability: Become More
Species Abilities: Cat Eyes, Feet of the Gecko, Illusion's Trick
Other Abilities: Ability Search, Attention Slip, Bloody Fury, Dream, Ensnare, Find Home, Healing Touch, Hyper Sense, Illusion, Link, Perceive, Razor Claw, Sense, Shell, Shield, Silent Step, Slumber, Speak, Telepathy, Travel, Ward, Acid Box, Acid Dragon, Acid Shower, Cold Kaasht, Freeze Body, Ghost, Infrared, Liquid Kaasht, Metal Blade, Metal Shard, Pinpoint, Poison Claw, Blend, Death Grip, Hide Tracks, High Leap, Ice Claws, Ice Sheen, Ground Rocks, Rock Blade, Rock Dragon, Shatter, Snowshoe, Snow Storm, Super Strength, Turn on a Dime, Cloud Blade, Cloud Dragon, Critter Call, Curiosity, Deception, Diamond Blade, Fog, Forget, Itch, Jest, Long Run
Appearance: Though a tri-breed, Raanrali looks mostly like a Cave kaasht, with the large eyes, wide ears, and small stature. She is slightly longer in the leg, perhaps, and both stronger of build and flufflier of fur than your average Cave kaasht, but that is all that hints at her mixed heritage. Her coat is thick and healthy, and comprised of contrasting faded violet and grayed blue, making her often mistaken for a bicolor rather than a multibreed. The violet runs along her back and her belly, over her muzzle and down her tail, while the blue runs along her sides and down the outsides of her legs, up over her cheeks and into her ears, and dots the tip of her tail. Round spots of deep plum run from paw to haunch on her left side, getting larger from leg to shoulder and smaller again down her back. Her ears, tufts, and glare stripes are also the same dark plum purple color, contrasting to her bright green eyes.
History: Raanrali's story begins with, surprisingly, a Guilder. A Cave Guilder, in fact, named Taneyra. She was a very unwilling, though not very assertive, recruit to the Guild, hated what she did, and hated herself for doing it. Even more surprisingly, it is preceded by the story of a famous name among Protectors and Guilders alike, Akineko, Falon's third in command.

Akineko's story is short but sweet: Taneyra was approached by a drunk, tri-breed Protector who mistook her for a prostitute. Instead of correcting him, she allowed him to bed her, believing that, if she should conceive from the mating, the resulting kit, with four breeds, would make a fine Protector and perhaps make up for all the horrible things Taneyra had to do as a Guilder. Unable to raise the kit herself, not without being discovered, she left little Akineko in Daskwraan to be eventually told of her mother's love and sent to the Protectors.

That is when Raanrali's story begins. Taneyra's pregnancy did not go unnoticed, and neither did her sudden lack of it. Almost immediately, she was sent back out in the field, with as many missions as they could drop on her. That kept her busy for almost twenty years, during which she despaired of ever having a free moment again. One praticularly important mission, however, pitted her against a pair of Protectors, one of which was a Plateau-Forest half-breed who not only caught her desparate surface thoughts with a Mind Invasion intended to search out her true goal, but also saw through her pretenses with her Eyes of Truth. Together, she and her current partner, a Mountain-Valley cross, subdued Taneyra and managed to draw her story out of her. The Mountain-Valley, named Coorvel, was quickly smitten and announced that he would protect her at all costs. After a heated, but ultimately doomed, protest, Taneyra found herself in the care of a pair of Protectors. And, several years and many hiding places later, pregnant again. Shoriaa, the Plateau-Forest, though quite uninterested in taking a mate of her own, helped care for Taneyra while she was pregnant, and for little Raanrali once she was born. The four made a fairly happy, though extremely mobile and secretive, little family.

That happiness lasted into Raanrali's mid-second level, when the Guild finally caught up with them with a force sufficient to overwhelm the protective Protectors and send Taneyra racing for the nearest Protector base with her tri-breed kit. Unfortunately, seeing her as a blatent bicolor, she was killed before she even got to shout out that she was seeking sanctuary. Her kit was taken in quickly while the Protectors hid their tracks from, and killed a few of, the pursuing Guilders, so they would not be able to find the base.

Raanrali was, at first, furious that the kaasht who were supposed to help her and her mother instead killed Taneyra. The female elder of the base, a kindly Cave-Lunar halfbreed which reminded Raanrali strongly of Taneyra, managed to win her over with apologize and gentleness, while the male elder, a Plains-Mountain, wooed her with promises of battle training that she found fascinating. Before she'd reached her third level, she was a commited Protector-trainee, and before her fourth, she was ready to go out into the field. Still, she never forgot the lesson of her mother's death: do not kill unless they attack you, first, and even then be wary against an unwilling fighter.

Taneyra left Raanrali with one more legacy: the name of her half-sister who she had left in the care of the Protectors when she was very small. Akineko. Raanrali heard of this kaalaa after a few levels in the Protectors, but she was unable to meet up with her no matter how hard she tried, for Akineko was often busy. She never told anyone about her relationship to Akineko, and if she expressed more of an interest in news of her than other kaasht, no one thought it more than the usual hero worship of a famous Protector.

Now, however, paired with a friend and fellow Protector for the journey, who she has worked with on many occasions, Raanrali is on her way to join the largest group of Protectors to gather for a mission in centuries. She excited not just because of this opportunity to live in exciting times, but because she will finally get to meet her famous half-sister, who is supposedly leading the expedition.

While most of Raanrali's appearance came from her Cave mother, most of personality came from her Valley/Mountain father: she is cheerful and energetic, but also fierce and determined. She doesn't mind making a fool of herself if it gets someone to smile, but she has strong temper when it comes to bullies. She is extremely loyal, almost to a fault, and her Cave heritage gives her a deep compassion for "the underdog".
Pet: Jaspir
Created and Played by Cacopheny.
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